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Teenbeats, The

A quintet from Hastings, England, The Teenbeats were one of the better bands on Britain's late '70s mod revival scene, with Huggy Leaver (vocals), Ken Copsey (lead guitar), Paul Thomas (rhythm guitar, vocals), Eddie Mays (bass), and Dave Blackman (drums) making their debut just as the revival was gathering steam. They further stoked the fires in 1979(...)


The inaugural house band at CBGB's in New York, and contemporaries of Patti Smith and later Blondie, The Ramones and Talking Heads, Television figure large in American punk rock pre-history. The band began in the early 70s as The Neon Boys. Although they were never to play in public, they recorded a tape of a couple of Verlaine/Hell compositions - That's All I Know (Right(...)

Television Personalities

As a Chelsea teenager with a job at Led Zeppelin's Swansong Records, Dan Treacy began Television Personalities in the mid-70's with school friends Ed Ball and 'Slaughter' Joe Foster. They were initially a successful exercise in no-budget independence, but spent the rest of their career being critically lauded and commercially ignored. But their story was never(...)

Temptations, The

The early history of The Temptations parallels that of The Supremes. The group actually started life as The Primes while The Supremes were called The Primettes. They joined Motown at roughly the same time and employed the classic gospel group formula; a light tenor against a gutbucket rasp, with flashes of falsetto for emphasis. The Temptations' debut album(...)

Ten Years After

Nottingham-born Alvin Lee teamed up with Leo Lyons and a drummer in 1964 and the trio took themselves off to Hamburg, Germany, to perform in various clubs. Back in England the group - known then as The Jay Birds - combined their sporadic live performances (including backing The Ivy League on their live dates) with session work(...)

Tennessee Ernie Ford

Six years before Johnny Cash recorded his hugely influential live album within the walls of San Quentin prison, western balladeer Ford gave angelic voice to killers, robbers and all manner of low-life on the album, We Gather Together (1963), credited to Tennessee Ernie Ford with The San Quentin Prison Choir. The idea came about after Ford - best known(...)

Tenpole Tudor

Punk produced no more barking proposition than Tenpole Tudor. A bawdy troupe fronted by the garrulous Eddie Tenpole - a melodramatic thespian who claimed to be a direct descendant of Henry VIII (they were given to taking to the stage in medieval garb to emphasise this supposed lineage). Sadly they never developed their rudimentary art(...)

Terence Trent D’Arby

Terence Trent D'Arby was born in Manhattan in 1962, the son of a Pentecostal evangelist, the Rev. James Darby - Terry adopted the apostrophe himself. When he was young the family moved first to cold and windy Chicago, then to hot and steamy Florida, where young Terence became, amazingly, a boxer, and more amazing still,(...)

Teresa Brewer

Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1931, Teresa Brewer made her first recording in 1949 at the age of 18. She went on to top the charts with such hits as Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now and Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall. Her other hits include Ricochet Romance, A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl and Music Music Music. She sang with Tony Bennett(...)

Terry Dene

South Londoner Terry Dene (born Terence Williams) was one of many early UK rockers to benefit from the opportunity to sing at London's 2i's Coffee Bar - The same venue that helped the early musical careers of Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith and many others. During 1956 and 1957 Dene had worked as a(...)


Texas was formed in Glasgow, Scotland, by Johnny McElhone, a veteran of the Scottish rock circuit who had been part of two groups, Hipsway and Altered Images. The group made their performing debut as a band in March 1988 at a local college in Glasgow. Their debut album, Southside, was released in 1989 and the group scored(...)

That Petrol Emotion

That Petrol Emotion matched their intricate, grungy guitar arrangements with hard, modern rhythms on the albums Manic Pop Thrill and Babble. Guitarist Sean O'Neill and bassist Damian O'Neill had been founding members of The Undertones. Except for American singer Steve Mack, all of the band members came from the depressed city of Londonderry. Steve Mack Vocals Sean O'Neill Guitar(...)

The The

The The was essentially the solo project of Londoner Matt Johnson. The son of East London pub owners, Johnson grew up tinkling out his own tunes on the pub piano and recording them on a small cassette recorder. Johnson released a solo album, Burning Blue Soul, in 1981 which sketched out The The's sound - atmospheric,(...)

Theatre of Hate

After the band broke-up, Billy Duffy moved on to The Cult while Brandon and Stammers formed Spear Of Destiny. Kirk Brandon VocalsBilly Duffy GuitarStan Stammers BassJohn Lennard SaxophoneNigel Preston Drums 


Van Morrison formed Them in 1964. After two hits in 1965 - Baby Please Don't Go and Here Comes The Night - and three not very successful albums, the blues-based band split up and Van Morrison went solo. Van Morrison Vocals, harmonica Billy Harrison Guitar Eric Wrixen Keyboards Alan Henderson Bass Ronnie Millings Drums Patrick McAuley Keyboards Jackie McAuley Drums Peter(...)

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