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These Edinburgh pop-rockers formed in 1979 and supported The Rolling Stones on a European tour. Norman Rodgers Vocals. guitar Neil Baldwin Bass, vocals Dave Hampton Trumpet, keyboards, vocals Ally Palmer Guitar, vocals Ali Paterson Drums Colin Meach Drums 

Twilights, The

In terms of style, musicianship and song writing ability (if not success) Adelaide's favourite sons The Twilights were the closest thing Australia had to overseas role models like The Beatles, The Who or The Zombies. While every young band in Australia in 1965 were struggling to sound like The Beatles, The Twilights hardly even had to try. They(...)


Privately educated Lynn Annette Ripley was given the nickname 'Twinkle' by her father before she was even out of nappies. Lynn was the only female singer of her generation - including Cilla,Lulu, Dusty - to write her own material. She wrote her first song at the age of six and eight years later, would get up and sing with local(...)

Twisted Sister

Formed in New Jersey in 1973 (and originally called Silverstar) Twisted Sister signed to an unknown German label in the 70s, and following a one-off independent single, I'll Never Grow Up, this troupe of metal mavericks in mascara decided to try their luck on the other side of the pond. Releasing the EP Ruff Cuts in the summer(...)

Tygers of Pan Tang

Tygers of Pan Tang formed in 1978 in Whitley Bay and became a significant player in the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) movement. They released their own independent single, Don't Touch Me There in 1980 and were rapidly snapped up by MCA Records. Guitarist John Sykes went on to Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake. Jess Cox Vocals Robb Weir Guitar,(...)

Tyla Gang, The

Following the breakup of Ducks Deluxe, Sean Tyla formed The Tyla Gang with guitarist Bruce Irvine, bassist Brian "Kid" Turrington and drummer Mike Desmarais, Turrington and Desmarais had played together in The Winkies. The Tyla Gang, like The Rumour and Ian Gomm, were heavily influenced by American R&B, a trait that often led to accusation of second-rate(...)

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