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Virgin Prunes

The Prunes’ arty experimental approach to their Irish proto-goth rock was alternately funny (albeit unintentionally) and harrowing. Not as aggressive as they were melodic, Virgin Prunes are most definitely an acquired taste. Fionan Hanvey and Derek Rowan were childhood friends in Dublin. Another of their pals was one Paul Hewson. In the early 70s the(…)


Poster boys for the New Romantic movement until Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran came along, took their ball and ran off with it, Steve Strange’s Visage had more of a career than most observers imagine. While their December 1980 single Fade To Grey was (and remains) a landmark single for the scene – and for the whole synth pop movement in general –(…)

Viscounts, The

British group The Viscounts – Gordon Mills, Don Paul and Ronnie Wells – were a trio of variety entertainers in the tradition of The Mudlarks, certainly unlikely to ever make the trek to Hamburg to titillate the Reeperbahn punters. They went in for cover versions of American hits and ‘cash-in’s’ (such as Mama’s Doin’ The Twist). Nevertheless,(…)


Discovered in Los Angeles in 1979 by Peter Gabriel, Vivabeat were the first American signing to the British Charisma label. The band came and went, and few noticed – in fact, they are so obscure today that Charisma’s all-encompassing 1993 box set ignored them. Their adventurous, worldly 80s pop has dated less than many of(…)


The only 1980s hair metal crew who could truly be forgiven for all that blow-drying, Vixen were briefly the female alternative to Bon Jovi. Founded in St Paul, Minnesota, by guitarist Jan Kuehnemund, their eponymous 1988 debut album was a million-seller. A glam mainstay, the band supported the likes of KISS, Aerosmith and The Scorpions but their follow-up album, Rev It Up,(…)

Vogues, The

This Pittsburgh group formed in 1960 and produced a series of wholesome lite-garage/pop hits with You’re The One (#4), Five O’Clock World (#4), Magic Town (#21) and The Land Of Milk And Honey (#29) before transforming into a viable alternative for fans of The Lettermen with their hits Turn Around, Look At Me (#7) and My Special Angel (#7). Bill Burkette Don Miller Hugh Geyer Chuck Blasko

Voice Of The Beehive

This jaunty British pop band with 60s girl group overtones was fronted by Californian sisters Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland, with backup from Mike Jones (guitar) and former Madness members Mark ‘Bedders’ Bedford (bass) and Dan ‘Woody’ Woodgate (drums). The group mixed frothy pop, zany threads, girl-power attitude and Top 30 action in 1988 with Don’t Call(…)

Voodoo Lust

Originally from Brisbane, Voodoo Lust issued the singles Shake Shake, Hey Yey (1986), Stop Breakin’ My Heart (1987), and Cathy’s On Heat (1988) plus the mini-albums Voodoo Lust (1987) and Life, Love, Booze & Bitterness (1988). The lineup on the latter included Steve King on bass and Phil Jacquet (ex-Celibate Rifles) on drums, replacing Brad(…)


Voyager formed in Newbury (Berkshire) – originally as The Paul French Connection –  and charted in 1979 with Halfway Hotel. Voyager disbanded in 1981, with the original members returning to the studio to record the album Eyecontact in their spare time over a period of two years. Paul French Vocals, keyboards Paul Hirsh Vocals, guitar, keyboards Chris Hook Bass,(…)

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