Valentines, The


Australian group The Valentines formed in Perth (Western Australia) in mid-1966, bringing together members of three leading local beat groups: Bon Scott and Wyn Milson were from The Spektors, Vince Lovegrove, Ted Ward and John Cooksey from The Winztons, and Warwick Findlay from top West Australian band Ray Hoff & The Off Beats.

A major draw card was the double-vocal attack of dynamic frontmen Bon Scott and Vince Lovegrove, and within a few weeks of their live debut they were packing in crowds.

The group moved to Melbourne in 1967, and for a brief period, they became one of the most popular bands in Australia.

Although they started out as an energetic soul/R&B band, they are best known for their affiliation with the bubblegum pop phenomenon of 1968-1970. But there was a wild side to the band which was evident in their live performances, and their off-stage carousing (in 1969 they became the first Australian group to be arrested for possession of marijuana).

The Valentines called it a day in August 1970.

Bon Scott went on to achieve international success as vocalist with AC/DC while Vince Lovegrove went on to work as a journalist, television reporter (on the Australian Nine Network's A Current Affair) and as the manager of Divinyls.

Bon Scott 
Vince Lovegrove 

Wyn Milson 

Ted Ward

Guitar, bass
John Cooksey 

Warwick Findlay 

Doug Lavery 

Paddy Beach