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On stage they drank fake blood from a human skull, whipped a half-naked woman tied to a torture rack and threw raw meat at their audience. Yes, W.A.S.P. were the naughtiest rock band of the 80s. Their music was loud, rude and surprisingly catchy. But you'll struggle to listen to it these days with a(...)

Wa Wa Nee

In 1986, Australian band Wa Wa Nee were in the unusual position of having a recording contract (with CBS records) but never having played a live gig. Their debut single Stimulation (June 1986) nevertheless reached #2 on the Australian chart and was the first debut single to reach gold status in Australia since Eagle Rock was a 1971 hit for Daddy Cool.(...)

Wackers, The

Guitarist and singer/songwriter Bob Segarini formed The Wackers in northern California in 1970 before relocating to Montreal, Canada, two years later. The Wackers released their debut album, Wackering Heights, in 1971 on Elektra. Two more albums followed, Hot Wacks (1972) and Shredder (1973). Produced by Gary Usher, Hot Wacks fulfilled Segarini's desire to distil the best of The Beatles - just two years after their(...)

Wah!/Wah! Heat/The Mighty Wah!

This Liverpool band formed in 1979 and kept modifying their name from release to release - Wah!, Wah! Heat and The Mighty Wah! Pete Wylie Vocals, guitar Colin Redmond Guitar King Bluff Keyboards Oddball Washington Bass Joe Musker Drums

Waitresses, The

Formed in 1978, The Waitresses existed for the purpose of performing the witty, often female-oriented songs of guitarist Chris Butler, who had previously led a series of new wave bands in Cleveland, Ohio. The line-up of the band on their 1982 debut album, Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful, included drummer Billy Ficca - a once and future member of Television. That(...)

Walker Brothers, The

Walker Brothers, The

They weren't British, they weren't brothers and their real names weren't Walker, but Californians Scott Engel, John Maus (a one-time child actor) and Gary Leeds were briefly huge stars in England, and small ones in their native USA, at the peak of the British Invasion. Engel and Maus were playing together in Hollywood in 1964 when(...)

Wall Of Voodoo

Releasing its first effort (a self-titled EP) in 1980, this Los Angeles punk dance band offered a serious version of Devo's new wave. Led by Stan Ridgway's unmistakably wired voice, Wall Of Voodoo combined western Americana motifs with angular art-rock to delicious effect. Dark Continent (1981) set the scene with Ridgway's twisted noir narratives played out(...)

Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson started her career as a dare. Her church friends dared her to audition for a local radio station's talent spot when she was 12 years old. She took the dare and won, and ended up with a regular 15-minute slot on radio KLPR in Oklahoma City. In the late Fifties and early Sixties,(...)

Wanderers, The

  Another doo-wop group which was quite popular on the US East Coast but otherwise obscure, The Wanderers began as The Barons in 1952. Lead singer Ray Pollard, Frank Joyner, Robert Yarborough, and Sheppard Grant were the original members. They were also known as The Larks and Singing Wanderers and continued performing into the 1990s,(...)

Wang Chung

The London-based new wave group Wang Chung had a handful of hits in the mid 80s, achieving their greatest popularity in America. Originally called Huang Chung, the band consisted of vocalist/guitarist Jack Hues, bassist Nick Feldman and drummer Darren Costin. The band recorded four tracks for 101 Records in the late 70s, all of which(...)


War traces its roots back to a Californian high school band formed by bass player and keyboard player BB Dickerson, drummer Harold Brown, woodwind player and pianist Charles Miller and bassist/trumpet player Howard Scott. The band split up but re-formed in 1968 as The Nite Shift, and were seen at a party in LA in(...)

Ward 13



Warhorse was formed in 1969 by original Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper who had been dismissed from the band prior to their transformation into a heavy rock tour de force with the recruitment of singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover. Warhorse adopted some of the traits of Deep Purple, also taking a hard rock(...)

Warm Sounds

Warm Sounds were a harmony duo comprising Barry Husband (aka Barry Younghusband), formerly of Tuesday's Children, and Denver Gerrard. The pair teamed up just in time to greet the Summer of Love with a psychedelic-pop classic called Birds & Bees, released on Decca's quasi-progressive Deram label. The song reached #27 on the national chart in England and hit(...)


With a pair of double-platinum albums, Warrant were one of the most popular glam-metal bands of the late 80s. Formed in Los Angeles in the mid-80s, the group featured vocalist Jani Lane, guitarist Erik Turner, guitarist Joey Allen, bassist Jerry Dixon, and drummer Steven Sweet. They released Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich late in 1988 and by(...)

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