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Lew Lewis

Leyton Buzzards

This new wave/pop outfit was formed by Geoffrey Deanne and David Jaymes, who then recruited Kevin Steptoe (drums) and Dave Monk (guitar). Originally playing R&B covers on the pub circuit, they changed direction in 1976 after witnessing the new punk movement at the Roxy Club in London. By the following year, they had secured a record(…)

Lieutenant Pigeon

Stavely Makepeace was formed by three school boys in Coventry. They released a number of unsuccessful singles and decided a side-line novelty band may help their careers. They plumped for the name Lieutenant Pigeon and recorded Mouldy Old Dough – dominated by a heavy honky tonk piano which was played by frontman Rob Woodward’s piano teacher mother, Hilda – in a front room. The(…)

Lighthouse Keepers, The

Formed in 1982, the Lighthouse Keepers tasteful, jangly brand of country-tinged folk rock was at odds with prevailing trends in the Detroit-besotted independent music scene in Sydney in the early 80s. Nevertheless, the band issued a number of albums and singles, commencing in 1983 with the single Gargoyle and the lo-fi mini album The Exploding Lighthouse Keepers on their(…)

Lightnin’ Hopkins

Sam “Lightnin’” Hopkins was born on 15 March 1912 in Centerville, Texas, a small farming town north of Houston. His father, Abe – who died when Sam was still a baby – was a musician, and so were Sam’s sister and four brothers. He was encouraged by his mother to play the organ at the family’s(…)

Lightning Seeds

In 1989, Ian Broudie holed up in a closet-sized Belgian studio with his “band mates”: a drum machine, a couple of guitars and a cheap Casio keyboard. Two weeks later he emerged with 12 bittersweet pop songs that became CloudCuckooLand , an album that superimposed newfangled recording techniques on old-fashioned melodies. A veteran of Liverpool’s post-punk music(…)

Lime Spiders, The

The Lime Spiders formed in the Liverpool area of Western Sydney (Australia) around a core of vocalist Mick Blood and guitarist Darryl Mather. From a one-off show in 1979 – which included rugby league great Eric Grothe on guitar – the band finally emerged in 1981 with a six-piece line-up of Blood, Mathers, bassist Dave(…)

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt was born in Tuscon, Arizona, on 15 July 1946. She began her career singing with a soft-rock group called The Stone Poneys. Ronstadt’s long-standing relationship with California Governor Jerry Brown scandalised political circles. At one time Brown proposed to Linda, who is reported to have accepted. But after speculation that the marriage could wreck(…)

Linda Scott


Lindisfarne’s first three albums, released on Charisma between 1970 and 1972, are all bonafide classics full of boozy, raggle-taggle charm and endearing amateurism, in a sense, yet made impregnable then and now by Geordie poet, songwriter and vocalist Alan Hull’s searing combination of canny observation, pathos, wit and vitriol. Famously, a period of working in(…)

Link Wray

While recording his 1958 hit single Rumble, Link Wray took a pen and punched holes in the tweeters of his amp to get a combination of distortion and tremolo never before heard from an electric guitar. And although there were no words in Rumble, the grungy guitar riffs so convincingly emulated the menace of a real teenage(…)

Lipstick Killers, The

The Lipstick Killers grew out of two of the most notorious late 70s punk bands in Sydney (Australia); Psycho Surgeons and Filth. Their Americanised brand of hard glitter rock drew on The Stooges and The New York Dolls (from whence they derived the band name) for inspiration, although Gary Glitter was also cited as a key musical influence. In 1979 the(…)

Little Anthony & The Imperials

  Formed in Brooklyn in 1957, the group’s first hit, the haunting Tears On My Pillow (1958), encapsulated the essence of street corner harmony. Further success came with So Much (1959) and Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop (1960), before Anthony Gourdine (the “Little” prefix was added at the suggestion of influential disc jockey Alan Freed) was persuaded to embark on an ill-fated solo(…)

Little Bob Story

Formed in Le Havre in 1974, France’s Little Bob Story played a spectacular blend of pub rock, R&B, rock’n’roll and blues, mixing up well-chosen classics and credible originals (all in English) for a hot ‘n’ sweaty Rolling Stones-cum-Small Faces-influenced good time in the style of Eddie & The Hot Rods. They somehow became involved in(…)

Little Eva

Eva Narcissus Boyd was working as a babysitter for songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin when they asked her to record a song they had written called The Loco-Motion in 1962. The song was a hit for ‘Little Eva’ that year and again for Grand Funk Railroad in 1974 (and later still for Kylie Minogue). Boyd took the name ‘Little Eva’ from(…)

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