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Little Feat

One of the more offbeat and interesting bands to emerge in the 1970s, Little Feat left a catalogue of memorable material and provided, in Lowell George, one of the decades finest American songwriters. George’s early career with punk group The Standells and a brief 1970 stint with Frank Zappa‘s Mothers of Invention are of little importance though it was during this(…)

Little Heroes, The

The Little Heroes formed in Melbourne (Australia) in 1980 from the ashes of an outfit called Secret Police. They walked off with the 1980 National Battle of the Sounds grand final which led to a record deal with Giant Records and a debut album which was not viewed terribly fondly by either the band or(…)

Little Murders

English ex-pat Rob Griffiths embraced 1960s English pop culture (The Who, The Kinks, Union Jack flags draped over amplifiers) so it was perhaps unsurprising that Little Murders (the band were named after a 1971 film starring Elliot Gould and directed by Alan Arkin) became the premier Mod revival band of the late 70s/early 80s Melbourne (Australia) independent music scene.(…)

Little Pattie

Little Pattie

During the early years of Australian Rock & Roll, the scene was almost entirely male-dominated. As the beat softened and the frantic momentum diminished during the early 1960s, the first female solo singers began to emerge. These included Noeleen Batley (dubbed ‘Australia’s Little Miss Sweetheart’), Judy Stone, Patsy Ann Noble, Betty McQuade, Lana Cantrell, Lee(…)

Little Peggy March

Born Margaret Annemarie Battavio in Pennsylvania, Peggy began singing at the age of two and was heard at a cousin’s wedding when she was 13 by a friend who introduced her to Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore at RCA who suggested she should record the French song, Chariot once English lyrics had been added by(…)

Little Richard

Little Richard made the kind of Rock ‘n’ Roll you think only exists in the movies. Richard pounds the piano, scats out some vocals, the weak of heart faint, the old women scold, and the only thing the sun-dress-&-white-gloves-wearing, fan-carrying bastions of middle-class Americana can think to say are words like “Well, I never”, and(…)

Little River Band (LRB)

Little River Band was an Australian ‘supergroup’ of savvy and well-experienced musicians. Three members came from an acoustic band called Mississippi while Dutch-born Beeb Birtles had been a member of Zoot, one of Australia’s most popular bands between 1969 and 1971. Lead singer Glenn Shorrock (an émigré from the English seaside town of Chatham) had been a(…)

Little Willie John

Co-penned by Otis Blackwell (an early songwriter for Elvis), Fever was the song which took Little Willie John into the pop charts in 1956. Two years later, Peggy Lee re-recorded the song to devastating effect, making it a classic. He became a long-lasting influence on James Brown, but off-stage Little Willie was a disaster. Sadly, the abusive drunk soon found himself(…)

Liverbirds, The

One of the very few Merseybeat bands with female members and possibly the first ‘girl group’ of all time, The Liver Birds formed in 1963. The band took their name from the fictional ‘Liver Bird’ which is the symbol of the town of Liverpool. Like other beat bands of that time, The Liverbirds earned more success in(…)

Liverpool Five, The

The Liverpool Five (four of them were actually from Fulham!) left the UK and went travelling throughout Europe. They somehow ended up playing at the Tokyo Olympics before moving to the US and signing a major label deal. Ron Henley Jimmy May Dave Burgess Kenny Cox Steve Laine

Living Colour

This American rock band was formed in 1984 by Vernon Reid, Muzz Skillings and William Calhoun. Reid had studied performing arts at Manhattan Community College, having moved to New York from England at the age of two. Both Skillings and Calhoun were experienced academic musicians, having studied and received acclaim at City College and Berklee(…)

LL Cool J

LL Cool J was born James Todd Smith. The rap name apparently means “Ladies Love Cool James”. He was only 16 when he released his first single, I Need A Beat. A year later he had the first hit on the fledgling Def Jam label. The sound he and producer Rick Rubin found on hits such(…)

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

Formed in 1983 in the famous Tennants Bar in Glasgow, they built a reputation for studenty, jangly and thoughtful guitar-pop. Listening to the vignettes on The Commotions’ debut LP it is easy to figure that Lloyd Cole fancied himself as Norman Mailer but quickly abandoned every idea he had. The evidence is all over Rattlesnakes, in(…)

Lloyd Price

A raucous rocker from New Orleans whose 1952 recording of Lawdy Miss Clawdy brought him a gold record. His next major success came when Stagger Lee stormed to #1 in 1958. Personality and I’m Gonna Get Married returned him to the Top Three later in the year, but a succession of lesser hits presaged a move to cabaret.

Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice were a hard working power pop band that were touted as being the next big thing from Western Australia. Formed in 1974, they started out as covers band primarily playing 60’s beat but specialising in Beatles songs. They went through a few line-up changes and gathered a large fan base. They were signed(…)

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