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Following a tradition set by Aussie bands like The Affair, The Executives and Zoot, Sydney-based Autumn was unashamedly a pop band. Their debut single Mr Henry's Lollipop Shop at the start of 1970 set the tone for subsequent releases. The group's second single, Yellow River, was a cover of the recent hit by English band Christie. The song(...)


With the break up of The Bootleg Family Band in November 1975, Tony Naylor, Geoff Cox and Clive Harrison recruited Adrian Campbell and began gigging as Avalanche in early 1976. The band's catchy pop/rock sound was displayed on the singles Wizard Of Love (Feb 1976), Sweet Baby Brown Eyes (July 1976), Landslide (October 1976) and Good For Me Good For You (March 1977), and on(...)

Average White Band

Ex-Delaney & Bonnie singer Bonnie Bramlett gave the band their name because she was amused that the pale-faced Scotsmen could perform such convincing R&B and Soul. Why should an 'average' white band from Scotland succeed so well in capturing the soul feel? Was there a parallel to be drawn between the ghettoes of, say, Harlem and(...)


Formed in Melbourne in 1969, Axiom were arguably Australia's first "supergroup". Yet, in spite of a wealth of talent and promise, some notable chart successes and two superb albums of original material, they failed to achieve lasting popularity, due in part to waning public support in Australia as they vainly tried to crack the fickle(...)

Ayers Rock

Ray Burton left the band in 1974 and was replaced by Sydney guitarist Chris Brown. The band ultimately broke up, due to a lack of commercial success. Ray Burton Guitar, vocals Chris Brown Vocals, guitar Jimmy Doyle Guitar, vocals Duncan McGuire Bass Mark Kennedy Drums Col Loughnan Sax, flute, clarinet, piano Russell Dunlop Drums John(...)

Babys, The

The Babys signed a lucrative deal with Chrysalis Records in 1976 before even playing a single gig. Proclaimed within the business as the name to watch in '77, their first album failed to ignite the torches of the British rock public, so the band decided to head for the more sympathetic pastures of America rather(...)

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Bachman-Turner Overdrive's origins can be traced back to the substantial commercial achievements of The Guess Who in the late 60s. Randy Bachman (guitar/vocals) was a prominent member of that band but left in 1970 when his Mormon beliefs began to rankle at the excesses of a touring rock 'n' roll band. After recording an unsuccessful solo album,(...)

Back Street Crawler

When Free finally fell apart at the seams after staggering around in various forms, there was a lot of damage done to the members. Despite the fairly quick birth of Bad Company which took care of Simon Kirke and Paul Rodgers, both Andy Fraser and Paul Kossoff were in the wilderness for a while. Fraser did come back with(...)

Bad Company

Bad Company was formed in England late in 1973 by the seasoned foursome of Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke (both ex-Free), plus Mick Ralphs (ex-Mott The Hoople) and Boz Burrell (ex-King Crimson). They took the name for their power rock supergroup from a 1972 western film starring Jeff Bridges. Recorded in November 1973 at Ronnie(...)



Badfinger began life in Wales in 1964 as The Iveys. After honing their approach as a support act for groups including The Who, The Spencer Davis Group and The Yardbirds, in late 1966 The Iveys cut their first demo with producer Ray Davies. The group then headed towards The Beatles Apple offices in the hope of being signed as both(...)


Bakery formed in Perth, Western Australia, in 1970. One of the leading underground groups of their day, they are remembered for their superb debut album, Momento (1971), the innovative A Rock Mass for Love LP (recorded live in St George's Cathedral, Perth, on 21 March 1971 in the presence of nearly 6,000 people) and the powerful single(...)

Band Of Light

Band of Light was a blues-based group formed in October 1972 in Sydney (Australia) by Phil Key, with bassist Peter Roberts - both of whom had just left The La De Das. Their distinctive blues-rock sound was built around the dual slide guitar work of Key and their other superb guitarist, Norm Roue, who had(...)

Band, The

Amid media speculation, Bob Dylan's backing group, The Band, released their debut album Music From Big Pink in 1968. It was named after the house they recorded it in (in West Saugerties, New York) and it entered the US album charts on August 10. The unusually high interest in The Band's autonomous debut was mainly due to the(...)


Australian band Bandicoot was essentially the duo of Mick Fettes (who had recently left Madder Lake) and Shane Bourne (who later became known as a comedian and actor). The two knew each other from the Reefer Cabaret and teamed up to record and tour as Bandicoot, with the help of a few friends, including Gary(...)

Barbara Acklin

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