Music – 1970s

Wild Cherries, The

The Wild Cherries were formed in 1964 by Melbourne University students John Bastow (vocals), Rob Lovett (guitar and vocals), and Les Gilbert (bass). Local bluesman Malcolm McGee soon joined on lead guitar and vocals, and the original line-up was completed by Geoff Hales on drums (although he was replaced by Kevin Murphy almost immediately). Lovett(...)

William Shakespeare

In a classic case of pop reincarnation, John Cave (born in 1950) became Johnny Cabe, then William Shakespeare. He then scored two Australian #1 hit singles and was never heard from ever again. Behind the scenes were ace production/songwriting guru's Vanda & Young (ex-The Easybeats) who wrote Shakespeare's hits Can't Stop Myself From Loving You and My Little(...)

Willie Nelson

Born in rural poverty in 1933, Willie Nelson's mother ran off when he was a baby, leaving him and big sister Bobbie to their father, who gave them to his parents because he preferred to play guitar. The grandparents taught at a singing school and Willie was a quick learner. By the age of five(...)


Mario Milo and Toivo Pilt formed Windchase when their earlier band, Sebastian Hardie, broke up. They called Windchase a 'symphonic rock' band and their debut album, Symphinity, included some outstanding tracks. Between them, Milo and Pilt played guitar, mandolin, organ, synthesizer and tubular bells among other instruments. On the album, they were backed by Duncan McGuire and Doug(...)


A little over a year after The Beatles broke up, Paul McCartney and his wife Linda formed Wings, a group created very much to be a touring as well as recording unit. Paul had missed the touring element most when The Beatles locked themselves in a studio. The formation of Wings came as no real surprise, as Paul had(...)


Unashamedly middle-class, and older than most of their contemporaries, Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Bruce Gilbert and Robert Gotobed (born Mark Field) – who weren't mates – were introduced via mutual friends, formed their group in October 1976, then learned to play. Apart from Gotobed, Wire all came with an art-school pedigree. Bassist Graham Lewis was a fashion(...)

Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash formed in London in 1969 and released their self-titled debut album in 1970. By 1971 they were Melody Maker's brightest hopes for the coming year; a bluesy, twin-guitar outfit whose second album, Pilgrimage, would tip the hat to Pentangle and Fairport Convention. It was on 1973's Argus, though, that the band achieved a form that would never be(...)


Steve Bridges Vocals Montalo Guitar Andro Coulton Bass Pete Surgery Bass Gra Scoresby Drums


Wizzard was the epitome of Roy Wood's notion of magic and entertainment, formed in 1972 after Roy split from ELO (which then fell under the leadership of Jeff Lynne). The mainstay of The Move in its heyday, Wood formed Wizzard as a rock 'n' roll revival vehicle for his Phil Spector-ish production numbers and made brilliantly catchy hit records,(...)

Wreckless Eric

Eric Goulden grew up in Newhaven, near Brighton. From there he went to Hull Art School in northeastern England until he was drawn to London in 1976 by the then-waning pub rock movement. After a succession of jobs that included cleaning toilets in Greenwich, working as a coffee bar assistant at Butlin's and working as(...)

X (Australia)

X-Ray Spex

One of the great English punk bands of the late '70s, X-Ray Spex was formed in 1976 by school friends Poly Styrene (or Marian Elliott as she was named by her Somali dad and white British mum when she was born in Bromley, Kent, in 1957) and Susan Whitby (a saxophonist who chose the new name Lora(...)

XL Capris

Formed in Sydney (Australia) at the end of 1978, XL Capris soon acquired a healthy following on the punk/alternative circuit when they formed their own Axle Records and released two singles, including Red Bikini Runaway, about 18-year old Lillian Gasinskaya -a young Ukrainian woman who was briefly famous in 1979 when, seeking asylum, she jumped from a Russian(...)


Formed in Wiltshire, England, in 1972 as Star Park ("Rats Krap" backwards) this widely beloved UK pop unit became the Helium Kidz in 1973 with the addition of bass player Colin Moulding, drummer Terry Chambers and a second guitarist Dave Cartner to the nucleus of Andy Partridge (guitar, vocals). The Helium Kidz were heavily influenced(...)


This little known British band produced some killer power pop during the early 80s and should have been huuuuuge stars - but sadly they weren't and their two LP's remain a secret enjoyed by the knowledgeable few. Formed in Liverpool by Henry Priestman and Martin Dempsey from the remains of an R&B band called Albert Dock in(...)

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