One-Hit Wonders

Flying Lizards, The

Kent-based Irish exile David Cunningham specialised in conceptual excavations of pop hits. His Flying Lizards group was a loose collective of avant-garde and free improvising musicians (such as David Toop and Steve Beresford) with Deborah Evans, Patti Palladin and Vivien Goldman as main vocalists. The one that really sold - both in the UK and(...)


Entering the Billboard Top 40 on 21 January 1984, 99 Luftballons - a single by Teutonic new wave group Nena sung entirely in their own language - put German popular music on the map. Peaking at #2 made it the first foreign language pop song to scrape the top of the US charts. A record of this nature was(...)

One-Hit Wonders

For many aspiring singers and bands, the one-off hit can be a bitter-sweet affair. A really big hit can transform lives in uplifting, positive (and financially rewarding) ways. New careers, exciting opportunities and a Rock & Roll pension can follow. And if the hope of finding a successful follow-up becomes an elusive phantom, there is(...)


Promises comprised three Canadian-born siblings, Leslie Knauer (vocals), Jed Knauer (guitar and keyboards) and Benjamin Knauer (keyboards and vocals). Their father Peter was originally from Hamburg, Germany, and after settling in Canada for some years, moved his children to Thousand Oaks, California in the late 60s. Peter Knauer was also musically inclined, and when his(...)