A Certain Ratio

A Certain Ratio (the name is a pointer to a Brian Eno song) formed in Manchester in 1977. The band's original members were Simon Topping, Martha Tilson, Jeremy Kerr, Martin Moscrop, Donald Johnson and Pete Terrell, though the band often had a flexible line-up for live performances. New Order manager Rob Gretton was impressed by their early(...)

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

The Beatles first feature film was a surprisingly sensational comedy, which revolved around a fictional 36 hours in their hectic schedule during a trip to London. The mop tops demonstrated that they could excel at clowning (like reincarnated Marx Brothers) as well as singing, and the madcap affair came off with enormous energy and good humour.(...)

A Whole Scene Going

1 9 6 6 (UK) A Whole Scene Going was the first real teenage lifestyle programme with features on Carnaby Street fashions, the London club scene and package holidays in Italy. Twiggy made her first TV appearance on this show and presenter Barry Fantoni (pictured below right) and his "hot seat" interview was the first time(...)


The trio at the heart of A-ha met in 1980 in Oslo, Norway, and decided to concentrate on producing a commercial form of music. Travelling to England in 1982, Waaktaar and Furuholmen tried (unsuccessfully) to secure a record deal. Undaunted, the trio located to London in 1983 where they shared a flat and continued to(...)

A. B. Skhy


Do you remember the wistful trill of pipe music and a soft, haunting voice asking "Can you hear the drums, Fernando?" - If you were tuned into the radio in the seventies you'd have to say I do (I do, I do, I do, I do). The Swedish foursome ABBA beguiled the world pop scene(...)

ABBA: The Movie (1977)

ABBA: The Movie (1977)

Unashamed and supremely slick commercial for the group, maintaining a gentle air of self-parody while at the same time being a celebration of all the various apparatuses which make a merchandising phenomenon like ABBA possible. The narrative, without which the film would mostly consist of footage of the band on stage, follows ABBA through an(...)


Sheffield band ABC revolved around Martin Fry (a onetime fanzine editor of a rag called Modern Drugs) and rose from the ashes of post-punk group Vice Versa. On their first album, The Lexicon Of Love (1982) , Fry set his own Bryan Ferry-influenced vocals in lustrous pop production (by Buggles frontman Trevor Horn) laden with keyboards and strings to a techno-soul(...)

ABC Rocks

1 9 8 4 - 1 9 8 5 (USA) One year after the debut of NBC's Friday Night Videos (network television's first attempt to respond to the popularity of cable television's MTV), this was ABC's entry into the fray with a half hour of music videos every Friday from midnight to 12.30am. Each weekly show consisted of(...)

Abrasive Wheels

Shonna Rzonca Vocals Dave Ryan Guitar Harry Harrison Bass Nev Nevison Drums  



AC/DC was formed in Sydney, Australia, by ex-patriot Scotsmen Malcolm and Angus Young (brothers of George Young - one of the mainstays of 60s Aussie supergroup, The Easybeats). Their sister suggested Angus should wear his school uniform on stage, a gimmick that would still be in use more than twenty years into the band's career. The(...)

Accelerators, The

One of numerous Southeastern bands nurtured in the Mitch Easter/Don Dixon pop bosom (both men played on the quartet's first album; Dixon also produced the first and two cuts on the second), North Carolina's Accelerators blended crisp, energetic, well-mannered rock with a little 'billy and some mild R&B to give Leave My Heart just enough grit and(...)

Accent, The

Yorkshire group The Accent were originally known as The Blue Blood Group before moving to London in 1966. They secured a residency at Billy Walker's Upper-Cut Club and in 1967 recorded a single for Decca, the Mike Vernon-produced Red Sky At Night, a psychedelic classic with a freakbeat arrangement. John Hebron Vocals, guitar Rick Birkett Guitar(...)


If the real secret of success in Rock & Roll lies in choosing the right name, then Ace very nearly came a cropper. When rhythm guitarist Alan 'Bam' King (a former member of legendary mod band The Action) first teamed up with lead guitarist Phil Harris, they called themselves Clat Thyger - and died a death.(...)

Acid House

While House is an easily identifiable musical genre which emanated from Chicago in the early 80s and is traceable back to hi-NRG, European synthpop and New York Electro, exactly what Acid House is has been a thoroughly confusing issue. The purists say it is a House rhythm spiked with the warped, wobbling, bubbling, billowing sound(...)

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