Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias

A lot of the humour from the Albertos' was hit and miss, though they wrote good tunes - not the words, just the music. Not incredible, but good, although even their best - the admittedly hilarious Snuff Rock EP - was flawed. Les Prior died on 31 January 1980 from leukaemia and the group called it a day(...)

Alice Clark

When Brooklyn singer Alice Clark passed away at the age of 57 in 2004 she had no idea she was being regarded as one of soul's great unsung talents by the 90s acid jazz fraternity. Her standing was confirmed in 2010 by Ace's The Complete Studio Recordings 1968 - 1972, which was later reissued on sumptuous(...)

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Long before there was an Iron Maiden or a Marilyn Manson, rebellious kids around the world thrilled to the macabre antics of Alice Cooper. Simply put, this pioneering rocker wrote the book on shock-rock by combining the creepy imagery of classic horror movies with a thunderous, energetic hard rock sound. He also brought this sonic spectacle to(...)

Alice In Chains

Formed in 1987, and originally a heavy metal band, Alice In Chains was one of the first Seattle bands to sign with a major label, which they did in 1990. They tempered their sound with a dark, brooding quality emblematic of the developing grunge scene which instantly broadened their appeal and earned them a Grammy nomination for Man(...)

Alien Sex Fiend

The tabloid idea of what Goths are supposed to look like, Alien Sex Fiend were the demented brain-spawn of flamboyant Batcave employee Nik Fiend (real name Nick Wade) and his nicely named wife, Mrs Fiend (Christine Wade). Formed in 1982 with a line-up featuring David James (guitar), Christine Wade (keyboards), and Johnny "Ha Ha" Freshwater(...)

Aliens, The

The Aliens were one of the first Australian bands of the late 70s to adopt the New Wave "uniform" of black clothes and skinny ties. Originally known as Riff Raff, The Aliens' hailed from Adelaide and played guitar-rich pop-rock with the influence on 1960's melodies. The band relocated to Melbourne in 1978, but Graham Lewis and(...)

Alison Moyet

Having spent much of the 1990s in legal wrangles with her then record company Sony, Alison's fortunes were subsequently buoyed by, of all things, the theatre. In 2001 she appeared in Chicago in London's West End, and in 2006 she starred alongside Dawn French in Smaller.

All About Eve

This London quartet featured the rather lovely - and often multi-tracked - voice of Coventry-born music journalist Julianne Regan (an early bassist in Gene Loves Jezebel) and utilised, of all people, former Yardbirds bassist Paul Samwell-Smith in the producer's chair. With dreamy-looking cover art and songs about children, angels and clouds, one might have expected lots of wispy,(...)

All You Need Is Cash (The Rutles) (1978)

Starting out as a two-minute sketch on Idle's post-Monty Python comedy show, Rutland Weekend Television, The Rutles took on a life of their own when Saturday Night Live supremo Lorne Michaels produced a feature-length "mockumentary" on the rise and fall of the Prefab Four. A brilliantly realised parody of The Beatles, All You Need Is Cash told the story of(...)

Allen Klein

Allen Klein was born in Newark on 18 December 1931 and spent several years in an orphanage after his mother's death during his infancy. He was later raised by a grandmother and an aunt. He graduated from Upsala College and served in the US Army before joining a Manhattan accounting firm. He eventually started his(...)

Allison Durbin

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, on 24 May 1950, Allison Anne Durbin joined New Zealand's popular Uncle Tom's Friendly Road Children's Choir (a radio and concert choir made up of kids aged between 5 and 21) at the age of five. She stayed with the choir for four years. At the age of 13, Allison sang(...)

Allisons, The

  Like The Walker Brothers (who were neither brothers nor Walkers) neither of The Allisons were actually called ‘Allison’. Brian Alford (John Allison) first met Colin Day (Bob Allison) when they both sang in the choir at Saint Dionis Church in Parsons Green, Fulham. By 1960, they had managed to obtain a residency at the Breadbasket(...)

Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band were, to all intents and purposes, created by Southern soul Svengali Phil Walden (friend and manager of Otis Redding, and head of the world's greatest soul music booking agency) to capitalise on the burgeoning popularity of open-ended improvising bands like The Grateful Dead. In common with The Dead, the Allmans featured a double-drummer(...)

Allniters, The

During the late 70s/early 80s a small pub in downtown Sydney, called the Sussex Hotel, was the birthplace of the Australian mod revival. When the 2 Tone movement erupted in Britain (with Madness, The Specials, The Selecter etc) it was inevitable that Ska too would end up there. One of Australia's first ska bands, The(...)

Allusions, The

The Allusions were one of the most stylish and inventive of Sydney's 1960s beat groups. The band issued six singles; Gypsy Woman (March 1966), The Dancer (July 1966), Looks Like Trouble (October 1966), Roundabout (February 1967), Seven Days Of Rain (July 1967) and Mr Love (January 1968), plus one excellent - and very rare -(...)

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