Corridor People, The

1 9 6 6 (UK) 4 x 60 minute episodes This short-lived series from Granada television featured a double-dealing Humphrey Bogart-loving gumshoe named Phil Scrotty (Gary Cockrell), a portly and ruthless police official called Kronk (John Sharp), a comedy police duo called Blood and Hound (Alan Curtis and William Maxwell), and a millionaire Persian villainess named Syrie(...)

Game On

1 9 9 5 - 1 9 9 8 (UK) 18 x 30 minute episodes Game On was like a dysfunctional, cruder version of Friends. It focused on three young flat sharers, each with his or her own personal problems. Most screwed-up was "double-hard bastard" Matthew (Ben Chaplin for one season and then Neil Stuke), whose parents had(...)

For The Children

1 9 4 6 - 1 9 5 1  (UK) Among the items offered under this umbrella title for school-age children were features on stamp collecting and other wholesome pursuits, classic stories and, from August 1946, music and fun with Muffin the Mule and his piano-playing escort, Annette Mills. Muffin was originally just one of(...)

Flying Doctor, The

1 9 5 9 - 1 9 6 1 (UK) 39 x 30 minute episodes Nearly 30 years before The Flying Doctors took off from Cooper's Crossing, tall, handsome American doctor Greg Graham (Richard Denning), his blind assistant Dr Harrison (Peter Madden) and his trusty nurse, Mary (Jill Adams), were life-savers in the Australian outback. Responding to urgent(...)

Flip Side of Dominick Hide, The/Another Flip for Dominick

1 9 8 0 (UK) 1 x 90 minute episode 1 9 8 2 (UK) 1 x 90 minute episode This Play For Today achieved almost cult status with its tale of a friendly but naive lad from 150 years in the future who visited Britain in the 1980s. By sending his flying saucer through a time warp,(...)

Foundation, The

1 9 7 7 - 1 9 7 8 (UK) 26 x 60 minute episodes This ATV drama series was set in the cut-throat world of high finance and big business where Davinia Prince (Lynette Davies) took her late husband's place in a company's boardroom. Successful tycoon Don Prince (Keith Barron) died of a heart attack(...)

Queen Kong (1976)

A female film crew journeys to the jungle Island of Lazanga ("where they do the konga") where a giant ape, Queen Kong, falls in love with the crew's male star. Robin Askwith stars as wimpy hippy leading man Ray Fay (you see what they did there?) while Rula Lenska's character (the feminist film director) is(...)


1 9 7 7 (UK) 16 x 60 minute episodes Great Britain, 1990. A dystopian future (at the time) in which Britain is under the grip of the Home Office's Department of Public Control (PCD), a tyrannically oppressive bureaucracy riding roughshod over the population's civil liberties. The all-powerful PCD have done away with the rights of the(...)

Challengers, The

1 9 7 2 (UK) 6 x 60 minute episodes Author Edmund Ward brought the world of local party politics to the screen in this Yorkshire Television Production. It is election time in Andersley. The party faithful gather. John Killane (Michael Gambon) becomes the new Conservative MP for Andersley West and fights a lost cause for(...)

Summer Love (1957)

  The revenge of Rock, Pretty Baby (1956) as the Daley Combo takes the Order of the Bisons up on their offer to play a two-week gig at a summer camp in Lake Tahoe. Highlights are Beatin' On the Bongos, To Know You Is To Love You and a happy ending. Summer Love marked the cinema debut of Jill St. John. Jimmy(...)

Signalman, The

  1 9 7 6 (UK) 1 x 40 minute episode An annual Christmas treat in the UK in the 1970s, A Ghost Story For Christmas put fear into the festive season. In 1976, the sixth in the series was a spooky drama called The Signalman, based on a short story by Charles Dickens. Creepy and disturbing, it was(...)

A Touch Of Frost

1 9 9 2 (UK) 42 x 105 minute episodes Novelist R D Wingfield's Inspector William "Jack" Frost was untidy, disorganised, and lacked respect for authority - common police procedural tropes loved by viewers. The character was in good hands when he was transferred to the screen, as many of the writers and directors on A Touch(...)

Hullaballoos, The

The Hullaballoos formed in Hull (hence their name) in August 1964 after working for several years under the name of Ricky Knight and The Crusaders. The group's look (featuring long dyed blonde hair) and music were put together for US consumption by Luigi Creatore and Hugo Peretti of Roulette Records to take advantage of the(...)

Grove Family, The

Grove Family, The

1 9 5 4 - 1 9 5 7 (UK) 138 x 20 minute episodes The Grove Family, which ran from 1954 to 1957, was the first British television soap for adults. It was set in the north London suburb of Hendon and featured three generations of a successful builder's family who took their name from the(...)

Chuck Berry, Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Dies at 90

18 March 2017 Chuck Berry, the singer, songwriter and guitar great who practically defined rock music with hits including Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, Rock & Roll Music, Memphis Tennessee and Sweet Little Sixteen, has died at the age of 90. The singer/songwriter, whose classic Johnny B. Goode was chosen by Carl Sagan to be included on(...)

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