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12-Inch Remixes

In the 1980s, if you liked a song you went out and bought the single on 7-inch vinyl. If you loved it you went out and bought the 12-inch version instead. This was an exciting innovation in popular music - putting a single on album sized vinyl was heralded as a great breakthrough by the music business.(...)

16 Magazine

Founded in late 1958 by George Winters, 16 magazine set the standard for all teen magazines. many imitators popped up over the years, and 16 withstood some pretty stiff competition but always remained true to its beginnings. 16 was never the place to look for serious interviews and top-notch writing. But if you wanted to know what The Monkees' Davy(...)

1960 Olympic Games (Rome)

Though the games were held at the height of the Mediterranean summer (against medical advice) they were a spectacular success. Memorable victories seen around the world - for these Games were the first to get saturation TV coverage - were those of the Tennessee beauty, Wilma Rudolph, Frankfurt office worker Armin Hary, local hero Livio(...)

1960s Decor

1966 World Cup

1966 World Cup

In 1966 England hosted the World Cup, in a climate of football fever generated in-part by the much-loved mascot World Cup Willie. The cartoon lion appeared on everything from beer to breakfast cereals. Of the 16 nations that reached the final stages, the biggest surprise was the demise of the holders, Brazil, who lost Pelé through(...)

1968 Olympic Games (Mexico)

Controversy dogged the Mexico City Olympic Games from first to last. Even before the opening ceremony, a student riot in the city was brutally put down by the authorities, and the berets, black gloves and clenched-fist salutes of the American "Black Power" athletes severely embarrassed the US Olympic Association and led to some athletes being summarily(...)


The 2-XL was a "robot with a personality" manufactured and released by Mego Corp. in 1978. This small 'talking' robot came complete with an 8-track cartridge and a voice that sounded like Lou Costello. On the box, 2-XL was described as "The talking robot that will Tell Jokes, Ask you True-False Questions, Ask you multiple-choice questions, Tell you if(...)

3-D Movies

3-D Movies

Stereoscopic films had been around since the 1920s, but the 1950s was unquestionably the golden age of 3-D, with excited teenagers flocking to the cinema to see such classic fare as The House Of Wax, Dial M For Murder and The French Line (or "Jane Russell in 3-D!" as it was marketed). The plot never actually mattered in a 3-D(...)

60s Speak

THE BAWL GAME Baby-sitting. Self explanatory really. BOSS We know who the boss is.... Bruce Springsteen, of course. And as a verb, it means to order someone around - But in the early 60s "boss" was an adjective. It meant cool.... or maybe hot. COOL When something was really, really, cool, it was hot. If(...)


The Un-Cola. "You like it, it likes you" - It's lemonade alright? It's just lemonade (and nothing to do with Michael Apted).              

70s Speak

Life magazine in December 1979 as part of a review of the decade. ADIDAS Brand-name graffiti appearing primarily on running shoes, including a pair that glows in the dark. AGEISM Discrimination against the elderly for being old. AIR SUPPORT "It's not bombing - it's air support" - U.S. Air Force colonel in Phnom Penh. See(...)


“Skate or Die!” With its funky circular joystick and boom box cabinet, there was no mistaking 720° in your local arcade. Starring a brightly-attired slacker and his favourite board, the Atari game remains a testament to an era when skateboarding was king and Jams were the fashion of choice. Game play started in a small(...)



This was the first practical way to play recorded music in your car, and was invented by Bill Lear and developed in the 1960s by a diverse consortium including RCA Records and the Lear Jet Company. A 4-track cartridge first appeared in the early 1960s and soon found favour at radio stations as jingles and(...)

80s Speak

So . . . "Awesome" is equal to or slightly better than "Cool", certainly better than "Bad" (or "Bitchin") and about on a par with "Gnarly", but definitely nowhere near as good as "Tubular". . . well, that totally, like, rocks my world dude! AIRHEAD An intellectual lightweight. A term often used to describe a(...)

A-Line Dresses

The A-line was first introduced by Christian Dior in 1955, but the style was too extreme a departure from the tiny waist, full skirt dresses of the decade and the 50’s weren’t ready to adjust to a more natural body shape. It would take a few years - as well as a couple of inches(...)

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