12-Inch Remixes

In the 1980s, if you liked a song you went out and bought the single on 7-inch vinyl. If you loved it you went out and bought the 12-inch version instead. This was an exciting innovation in popular music - putting a single on album sized vinyl was heralded as a great breakthrough by the music business.(...)

16 Magazine

Founded in late 1958 by George Winters, 16 magazine set the standard for all teen magazines. many imitators popped up over the years, and 16 withstood some pretty stiff competition but always remained true to its beginnings. 16 was never the place to look for serious interviews and top-notch writing. But if you wanted to know what The Monkees' Davy(...)

3-D Movies

3-D Movies

Stereoscopic films had been around since the 1920s, but the 1950s was unquestionably the golden age of 3-D, with excited teenagers flocking to the cinema to see such classic fare as The House Of Wax, Dial M For Murder and The French Line (or "Jane Russell in 3-D!" as it was marketed). The plot never actually mattered in a 3-D(...)

60s Speak

THE BAWL GAME Baby-sitting. Self explanatory really. BOSS We know who the boss is.... Bruce Springsteen, of course. And as a verb, it means to order someone around - But in the early 60s "boss" was an adjective. It meant cool.... or maybe hot. COOL When something was really, really, cool, it was hot. If(...)

70s Speak

Life magazine in December 1979 as part of a review of the decade. ADIDAS Brand-name graffiti appearing primarily on running shoes, including a pair that glows in the dark. AGEISM Discrimination against the elderly for being old. AIR SUPPORT "It's not bombing - it's air support" - U.S. Air Force colonel in Phnom Penh. See(...)



This was the first practical way to play recorded music in your car, and was invented by Bill Lear and developed in the 1960s by a diverse consortium including RCA Records and the Lear Jet Company. A 4-track cartridge first appeared in the early 1960s and soon found favour at radio stations as jingles and(...)

80s Speak

So . . . "Awesome" is equal to or slightly better than "Cool", certainly better than "Bad" (or "Bitchin") and about on a par with "Gnarly", but definitely nowhere near as good as "Tubular". . . well, that totally, like, rocks my world dude! AIRHEAD An intellectual lightweight. A term often used to describe a(...)

Abominable Snowman

During the 1950s and 1960s fascination with the Abominable Snowman (or Yeti) reached fever pitch. The Himalayan half man, half ape joined the Loch Ness Monster and the American northwest's 'Bigfoot' as the most popular mythical legends. To the native Sherpa tribe of the Eurasian Himalaya mountain region, the Abominable Snowman was a religious figure(...)


Aerobics word association - Lycra, Spandex, headbands, striped outfits, jiggling flab, overenthusiastic instructors, Flashdance (1983), sports bras, bike shorts, bad music, Richard Simmons, and in 1982, Jane Fonda (pictured below left) topped the best-seller list with her Workout Book.    The 1980s brought the dawn of the Evian/bottled water phenomenon and the ultimate icon was Olivia Newton-John (pictured above right)(...)


The hair-do that simply exploded out of the head - BOOM! Also the hair-do that told everyone you were bigger, better and badder than all the rest (Like Superfly). Shaft wore one, and so did Black Panthers leader Angela Davis, and as Black Pride took to the streets, African-Americans not only reclaimed an affection for African dress and accessories,(...)

Ant Farm

In the mid-1950's, Milton Levine was enjoying Fourth of July festivities in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, when the ant minions that he was watching jogged his memory back to the days he spent on his uncle's farm as a boy. He liked to watch the ant colonies do their thing back then, and now,(...)

Avon Ladies

"Ding Dong, Avon Calling" The most successful door-to-door makeup enterprise in history, Avon has been bringing front door service to housewives since 1886. The company was the brainchild of David H. McConnell, a book salesman from New York. An expert travelling salesman, Mr. McConnell used vials of perfume to entice his female customers to open(...)

Baby On Board

Yuppie car rear-window signs proclaiming the presence of an ankle-biter in the car. The signs originated in 1985 as a way of informing rescue workers that there was a baby in the vehicle - toddlers were apparently often thrown some distance from car-wrecks and may go unnoticed. They were also intended to generally alert other(...)

Back of the Bus

The only place the cool kids sat on the bus to and from school (and on trips to sporting fixtures). In the 70s they would even smoke up there as the frail and ageing bus driver would invariably develop selective vision, hearing and sense of smell. Many an early sexual adventure also took place in(...)

Bean Bags

When the Bean Bag emerged in the late 60s and 70s it was heralded as the furniture of tomorrow for the well-heeled of today. It also started life with a far more chic name than "bean bag". Originally designed in Italy by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro in 1968, the bean bag was(...)

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