Women’s Lib

In Britain in 1967, a man working in a factory was paid about £21 a week, while a woman was paid only £10 a week for doing exactly the same job. Women's Liberation became a burning issue in the 1960s, under the leadership of dedicated campaigners such as Betty Friedan. Women took to the streets(...)

World Cup Willie

X-Ray Spex (Specs)

Advertised in American comics, X-Ray Spex appeared to be a technological marvel. Despite only costing a few dollars they enabled you to see the bones in your hand, the lead in a pencil, the yolk of an egg and other "blushingly funny" amazing things - which adolescent boys all over the world too to mean just(...)

Y2K Bug

In addition to debating whether 2000 or 2001 would mark the "real" beginning of the new millennium, the Western World pondered the effect the Y2K bug would have upon daily life. Would aeroplanes fall out of the sky? Would there be food shortages and rioting in the streets? or would life continue pretty much as(...)


A playground favourite for millions of school children the world over, the Yo-Yo is actually, according to some historians, one of the oldest toys around. Museums hold examples of terracotta Yo-Yo's from ancient Greece, and wall-paintings in Egyptian temples are said to depict playthings recognisable to the modern eye. While there is little evidence to(...)


What rich 1980s white collar workers were called in the decade when the western world revelled in unapologetic materialism. Yuppies (an acronym for "Young Urban Professionals") ostentatiously stocked their New York-style apartments with the most expensive designer appliances and the latest in high-end stereo and video gear, and drove to work in shiny new Benzes(...)

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