Drugs in the 1960s

It is generally believed that the first widespread, illegal use of drugs in the UK started with the extensive immigration of West Indians into Britain in the mid-50s. Cannabis had long been in everyday use in the Caribbean and, naturally enough, many of the new immigrant population continued using their traditional form of drug relaxation.(...)

Drugs in the 1970s

There was a really jolly period during the 70s before everyone figured out how bad drugs really were for you and got all 12-step and "Just say No!" about it. MARIJUANA The 'lid' was fading into the 60s to be replaced by Buddha sticks. THC content was also a big consideration. A 1971 US Federal(...)

Drugs in the 1980s

COCAINE Not only did coke feature as the Yuppie drug of choice in the decade where Greed was Good and Wall Street was God, but it also nearly put paid to comedian Richard Pryor when he accidentally set fire to himself while 'freebasing' cocaine in February 1980. HEROIN Improved potency and increased availability took junk(...)

Drugs in the 1990s

ECSTASY 'Ecstasy' was the street name given to methylenedioxy methamphetamine - MDMA for short - which was formulated by the German company Merck in 1914 as a "sleep suppressant". For decades it was bandied about for experimentation by drug companies, doctors and psychologists who never reached any satisfactory conclusions about it. In Britain it became(...)

Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel always insisted reports suggesting every bone in his body had been broken during his career were an exaggeration. But, in the 20 years that his motorcycle stunts thrilled crowds across the US, he certainly damaged most of them. Born in the town of Butte, Montana on 17 October 1938, Robert Craig Knievel Jnr(...)

Executive Toys

Newton's Balls (pictured at right) were the first widespread executive toys. These were a series of chrome ball-bearings suspended from a metal frame, which could be pulled back and released to cause the balls to move in rhythm and make a (supposedly soothing) repetitive clicking sound.

Face, The

Fallout Shelters

As the 1950s dawned, a Communist attack seemed imminent. The Russians had grabbed Berlin and in 1949 had successfully tested their own A-bomb. China had fallen to the Communists, South Korea teetered on the brink, and America believed the Red menace had infiltrated their very society. The House Un-American Activities Committee started its investigations in(...)


Ferrah Leni Fawcett was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1947.   While studying at the University of Texas at Austin she was named one of the "ten most beautiful coeds on campus" and her photos were sent to various agencies in Hollywood. David Mirisch, a Hollywood agent, called her and urged her to come to Los Angeles.(...)



The Australian music magazine Go-Set was launched in February 1966 by Phillip Frazer, a quietly spoken, blonde 19-year-old who had previously edited the Monash University paper, Lot's Wife. The title was an amalgam of the catch words "go-go" and "jet set". The first issue of the 24-page tabloid carried a photo on the cover of Welsh(...)

Green Shield Stamps

A sales promotion or incentive scheme designed to encourage shopping. Popular in the UK during the Sixties and Seventies. Shoppers were presented with stamps based on the size of their purchase. They then collected the green coloured stickers in a book. The more money you spent, the more stamps you got. Lots of shops and most supermarkets(...)


Once upon a time, there were girls (and occasionally guys) who took pride in the mere act of bedding rock stars. Some of them even became celebrities in their own right and honed this ability to a fine art. There was one beautiful long lithe chick from New York. Lilly, with her enormous dyed bubble(...)


While Swinging London vibrated to the Mod sound of The Who and The Small Faces, an entirely different youth scene had developed half a world away - It was all Love and Peace on the west coast of America. The hits of 1967, including San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers In Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie, Let's Go To San Francisco by The Flower(...)

Hands Across America (1986)

On Sunday 25 May 1986, Americans were asked to simultaneously hold hands across a 4,137-mile route stretching from California's Santa Monica Pier to New York's Battery Park in an effort to raise from $50 million to $100 million for the nation's hungry and homeless. The vision was for 6 million to 10 million Americans to(...)

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