A-Line Dresses

The A-line was first introduced by Christian Dior in 1955, but the style was too extreme a departure from the tiny waist, full skirt dresses of the decade and the 50’s weren’t ready to adjust to a more natural body shape. It would take a few years - as well as a couple of inches(...)


The name Adidas actually came from the brand’s creator, Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler. Founded in 1920, Adidas revolutionised the lacklustre athletic performance shoe market, making an auspicious debut at the 1926 Amsterdam Olympics. The shoes blazed a trail on soccer teams, boxers, runners and tennis pros - it seemed that the best accessory for a gold(...)

Afghan Coats

The Afghan Coat was a fur-lined and trimmed sheepskin or goatskin coat, sometimes with intricate embroidery decoration, but often crudely made. Particularly loved by hippies - and especially popular with groups like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles - the coats were sometimes lined with patchouli to cover the terrible smell of the fur (although(...)


The hair-do that simply exploded out of the head - BOOM! Also the hair-do that told everyone you were bigger, better and badder than all the rest (Like Superfly). Shaft wore one, and so did Black Panthers leader Angela Davis, and as Black Pride took to the streets, African-Americans not only reclaimed an affection for African dress and accessories,(...)

After Shave

The liberated new man of the 70s was not afraid of scents. A whole new arm of the perfume industry opened up especially to pamper him. Where his father's options had pretty much been Old Spice or Aqua Velva (which were still around and still maintained their popularity), the 70s man now had Brut, Hai(...)

Angel Sleeve Dresses/Blouses

The flower children hippies of the 1960s let go of convention and shrouded themselves in soft and fluid fabrics when they adopted the gypsy style wardrobe. Angel (or bell) sleeves - think bellbottoms for sleeves - dripped from the arms and sailed in the wind. Layers of chiffon, lace and macramé streamed off of shoulders, wing-like, nearly touching the ground. Stevie(...)

Angels Flight Suits

Coordinated disco suit with jacket, vest, and flared pants. The accompanying shirt had to be a shiny satin with large collar.

Ankle Bracelets

Adorning the ankles with chains called anklets, or ankle bracelets, was a popular teen trend during the 50s that has remained an exotic accessory through the decades. Middle-Eastern women have worn ankle jewellery for ages, but the 50s paired thin gold chains with ankle-length bobby socks as a rebellious stab at convention. Novelty jewellery such(...)

Annie Hall Look

The biggest fashion influence on America's young women in 1977 was neither a New York designer like Halston or Calvin Klein nor a European couturier like Yves St Lauren or Valentino, but the title character in Woody Allen's latest movie, Annie Hall, played by Diane Keaton. Young trendies were gearing up in men's vests, comfy(...)

Aqua Net

Aqua Net's glue-like hold has been making hair happy for decades: teen girls fumigated their parents' bathrooms when they were shellacking their beehives back in the 1950's. The only hairspray for helmet head, Aqua Net's affordability and accessibility (it can be found in every K-Mart the world over) has sealed its reputation as the premiere(...)

Avon Ladies

"Ding Dong, Avon Calling" The most successful door-to-door makeup enterprise in history, Avon has been bringing front door service to housewives since 1886. The company was the brainchild of David H. McConnell, a book salesman from New York. An expert travelling salesman, Mr. McConnell used vials of perfume to entice his female customers to open(...)

Baby Doll Dresses

Baby Doll Dresses

During the swinging 60s, men advanced to walking on the moon, and ladies reverted back to infancy. The 60s rejected the voluptuous hourglass curves of the 50s and returned to the prepubescent days of childhood style. The little girl look was all the rage in fashion, and this childish craze was consummated for nightwear with baby doll(...)

Ballerina Pumps

It all started with a simple request. "All-American look" fashion designer Claire McCardell commissioned dance shoe manufacturer Capezio to create a comfortable, yet fashion-savvy shoe for her new line of casual sportswear. Taking up the challenge, Capezio made the round-toe, flat-sole style of a dancer's ballet slipper into a stylish street shoe that epitomised the(...)

Banana Clips

These long, toothy hair accessories made your skimpy little ponytail look long 'n' layered. Very popular in the early to mid-80s and still available in £1 shops.


A simple cotton handkerchief, or sometimes just a crude cut of cloth, the bandana first became associated with the Old West. The cloth neckerchief was worn around necks, pulled up to cover the mouth and nose as a protection against the dirt and dust of the uncivilised western frontier. But when outlaws or bandits began(...)

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