Wallet Chains

The concept of a wallet chain came from 1950s biker culture when leather and metal combined to create the fearsome image of bike gangs. Like Marlon Brando in The Wild One (1954), these bikers hit the road in cuffed jeans, engineer’s boots, white tee shirts, leather jackets, and wallet chains so intimidating that they could make grown(…)

Wash & Go

“Take two bottles into the shower? Not me. I just Wash & Go”. The idea that you could save time and money and effort when in the shower by using a combination shampoo and conditioner took the UK by storm back in 1989. Wash & Go was aimed exclusively at women and apparently took scientist(…)


White Socks

The 1980s was responsible for many strange fashion innovations. One of which – for reasons forever unknown – was the sudden rise in popularity of white socks. It didn’t matter what colour trousers you wore – black school slacks, blue jeans, burgundy sta-press – you could only wear one colour of sock, and that colour(…)


Winklepickers: such a strange name for the pointy-toed shoe of the 50s and 60s. To understand the lore behind the winkle picker shoe, you, dear visitor, must understand two things: 1. A winkle is a shellfish that attaches itself to ocean objects. Its dye is used for the colour “periwinkle”. 2. A winkle-picker is a(…)

Wrap Dress

Royal socialite turned fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenburg changed the way women looked at dressing when her revolutionary wrap dress melded function and fashion in one and became the foxiest fashion of the 70s. Like the 60s “little black dress”, Von Furstenburg’s ‘little bourgeois dress’ was perfect for the office, the disco, and for Sunday(…)

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