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The Un-Cola. "You like it, it likes you" - It's lemonade alright? It's just lemonade (and nothing to do with Michael Apted).              

Angel Delight

Angel Delight debuted in British supermarkets in 1967, promising the taste of strawberries and cream from colourful sachets of microdust. The luminous powder fell out of favour in the 1980s.

Berni Inns

Bristol company Hort's, which was run by Frank and Aldo Berni and Paul Rosse, changed the dining-out habits of Britons for two decades. After the ending of meat rationing in 1954, the Bemis hoped to import American-style, controlled portion steak and chips catering, served in as authentic an Olde English atmosphere as possible. The Rummer(...)

Birds Eye Steakburger

In which a gang of builders sing (to the tune of Que Sera Sera) about possible accompaniments to said burger. Accompanied by mouth watering film of each dish. Will it be chips or jacket spuds? will it be salad or frozen peas will it be mushrooms? or fried onion rings? you'll have to wait and(...)

Bovril Soldiers

Buttered and Bovril-ed bread sliced into four or five uniform strips. The same militia were more popularly spotted in their other gear - hence 'buttered' or 'eggie' soldiers - their manoeuvres often carried out around soft-boiled eggs.

Breakfast Cereal

Some of the breakfast cereals listed below are still in production. Some have been re-named and re-packaged. Many of them disappeared as quickly as they arrived. But they all have a special place in our memory because they evoke powerful memories of our childhood in decades gone by . . . when a bowl of(...)

Café Bar

In the days before Starbucks and Café Latté on tap from every corner coffee shop, the height of sophistication and convenience for the serious java-loving office worker in the 1970s was to have one of these beauties in your place of work . . . The Café Bar.

Cigarettes, Cigars & Tobacco

New brands of cigarettes introduced in Britain in the 1960s included B&H Special Filter (1961), Embassy (1962) and Player's No. 6 (1965). A report by the British Ministry of Health in 1969 showed that 100,000 people a year were dying from diseases connected with smoking. Previously, most people had not realised that smoking was connected(...)


The coolest ad campaign of the Seventies. The Bear that inspired The Fonz (no, really). The drink that stripped paint. "It's frothy man".

Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi

A product of the 80s - you could still drink Cola AND look stunning in a lycra aerobics outfit and leg-warmers. Somebody convince me that this stuff is not carcinogenic!

Doctor Pepper

Fizzy cough medicine flavoured muck from the USA.

Fast Food

Fast Food

BURGER CHEF Burger Chef was bought out by Hardee's in the late 80s BURGER KING By the 1980s, while people still enjoyed McDonalds over any other burger joint, Wendy's was emerging as a competitor and Burger King was a very close second. 'Happy Meals' were a large factor in McDonalds success, and eventually Burger King(...)


A definitive 70s icon - Basically a small pot on top of a burner into which either scorching hot oil or gooey, melted chocolate would be placed. Various foodstuffs would then be dipped into the hot liquid with the aid of long forks. In it's correct guise as a dinner party piece to rank alongside such objet(...)

Fray Bentos

Steak pie'-in-a-tin. Had a wonderful catchline in the TV ad: "It's Beef! It's Beef!". These days you wouldn't feed it to your dog, but it was so Glam because it was Steak. Serve with Blue Nun and Smash.

Heinz Sponge Pudding

Directions 1) Put the tin in a saucepan and boil it (!) 2) Take a tin opener and take both ends off? 3) Let the molten jam take the roof of your mouth off!

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