Erica Jong

Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel always insisted reports suggesting every bone in his body had been broken during his career were an exaggeration. But, in the 20 years that his motorcycle stunts thrilled crowds across the US, he certainly damaged most of them. Born in the town of Butte, Montana on 17 October 1938, Robert Craig Knievel Jnr(...)

Evonne Goolagong

Fanny Cradock

Fanny and Johnny Cradock presented a popular cookery programme on British television from the 1950s until the 1970s, as well as writing several successful cookery books. Fanny's real name was Phyllis Nan Sortain Pechey, but she adopted Johnny's surname throughout her career although they were not actually married until 1977. Major John Cradock, an alumnus(...)


Ferrah Leni Fawcett was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1947.   While studying at the University of Texas at Austin she was named one of the "ten most beautiful coeds on campus" and her photos were sent to various agencies in Hollywood. David Mirisch, a Hollywood agent, called her and urged her to come to Los Angeles.(...)


Bouncy, boisterous and thoroughly unstuffy, Sarah Ferguson seemed the ideal partner for Prince Andrew, the Queen's second son. Andrew had delighted his mother and the nation by serving as a helicopter pilot in the Falklands War, risking his life and returning to a hero's welcome with a red rose between his teeth. The Prince's valour inclined(...)

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was born in the village of Brian in Cuba on 13 August 1926 into a rich family, the son of Angel Castro, who was a Spanish immigrant, and his cook Lina Ruz Gonzalez. In his early life Fidel Castro went to Jesuit schools and from there he attended the Jesuit preparatory school Colegio(...)

François Mitterrand

1 9 1 6 - 1 9 9 6 François Mitterrand studied law and politics in Paris, and during World War II he came to prominence in the resistance after initially working in Marshal Pétain's Vichy administration. In 1945 he was elected as deputy for Nièvre, as the member of a small centre-left Resistance-based party.(...)

Fred Dagg

Fred Dagg was actually New Zealand-born comedian and political satirist John Clarke, who appeared as Dagg on television always wearing a black singlet and gumboots. Fred Dagg, father of seven sons all called Trev, became a household name in Australia in 1975. His first single was Traditional Air, followed by We Don't Know How Lucky We Are (which(...)

Gang Of Four

In Chinese history, the chief members of the radical faction that played a key role in directing the Cultural Revolution and tried to seize power after the death of the communist leader Mao Zedong in 1976. It included his widow Jiang Qing and three young Shanghai politicians: Zhang Chunqiao, Wang Hongwen, and Yao Wenyuan. The(...)

George Best

There is a famous story about George Best, after he had won one night at a casino and a bellboy found him in his hotel room drinking champagne with Miss World with £25,000 scattered across his bed. The bell boy said, "Tell me George, where did it all go wrong?" There are a few variations(...)

George Bush

George Bush graduated from Yale University in 1948, after wartime naval service. He made a fortune in the Texan oil industry before entering politics to sit in the house of representatives (1966 - 1970). He was ambassador to the UN (1970 - 1974) and head of the US liaison office in China (1976 - 1977),(...)

George Martin

George Martin was working as a producer for EMI Records' Parlophone label when, in 1962, he heard the demo tapes of a group called The Beatles. His previous claim to fame had been as producer of Peter Sellers comedy albums, but Martin played an essential part in developing the recorded sound of The Beatles - and(...)

Georges Pompidou

1 9 1 1 - 1 9 7 4 Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou trained as a teacher at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (he was himself the son of a school teacher). He then worked on Charles de Gaulle's personal staff during his premiership (1944 - 46) before joining Rothschild's Bank and becoming its director general(...)

Gerald Ford

1 9 1 3 - 2 0 0 6 Gerald Rudolph Ford was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr in Omaha, Nebraska in 1913 (the name change came about when his mother re-married while he was a child). He grew up in Grand Rapids, Mich. and was an All-American footballer at college and graduated from Yale Law School.(...)

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