Affections, The

The story of Australian power pop band The Affections began in Sydney in the mid 70's when school friends Rob Smith, Rob Risio and George Ellis discovered each other's passion for 60's pop and bubblegum and decided to form a band of their own. While still on the lookout for a drummer, the trio jammed and listened(...)

Against The Wind

1 9 7 8 (Australia) 1 x 180 minute episodes 5 x 120 minute episodes A million-dollar historical drama series that took six months to produce, Against The Wind was the first Australian Mini-Series. The series was largely shot at the reconstructed colonial settlement at Old Sydney Town in NSW, and covered the period from 1798 to 1812.(...)

Air Supply

Formed in Australia around the partnership of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, soft-rockers Air Supply turned out a solid string of seven US Top 5 singles. The duo first came together in Sydney, Australia (originally with Chrissie Hammond, later of Cheetah) during 1976 while performing in a production of the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber(...)

Alan Bond

This English-born Australian entrepreneur was chair of the Bond Corporation from 1969 until 1990 during the years when its aggressive takeover strategy gave the company interests in brewing, the media, mining, and retailing. In 1983 Bond led a syndicate that sponsored the winning yacht in the America's Cup race. By 1988 the Bond Corporation could(...)

Alan Dale & The Houserockers

Australian singer Alan Dale had been a big band singer before moving over to the new Rock 'n' Roll in 1957. His popularity rose sharply, and his only real competition was Johnny O'Keefe. Dale and JOK had in fact been close friends before either became involved in the rock scene - Alan worked for a printer(...)

Aliens, The

The Aliens were one of the first Australian bands of the late 70s to adopt the New Wave "uniform" of black clothes and skinny ties. Originally known as Riff Raff, The Aliens' hailed from Adelaide and played guitar-rich pop-rock with the influence on 1960's melodies. The band relocated to Melbourne in 1978, but Graham Lewis and(...)

All The Way

1 9 8 8 (Australia) 32 x 30 minute episodes All the Way was an Australian television series made by Crawford Productions for the Nine Network, which started out as a six-hour miniseries. The first episode took place on the day in 1963 that John F. Kennedy was assassinated and the series examined the life of an(...)

All Together Now

1 9 9 1 - 1 9 9 3 (Australia) 101 x 30 minute episodes This Australian sitcom was broadcast on the Nine network and starred Aussie pop star Jon English as Bobby Rivers, an ageing rocker trying to maintain his music career while living with his son and daughter. The series lasted for three seasons(...)

Allison Durbin

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, on 24 May 1950, Allison Anne Durbin joined New Zealand's popular Uncle Tom's Friendly Road Children's Choir (a radio and concert choir made up of kids aged between 5 and 21) at the age of five. She stayed with the choir for four years. At the age of 13, Allison sang(...)

Allniters, The

During the late 70s/early 80s a small pub in downtown Sydney, called the Sussex Hotel, was the birthplace of the Australian mod revival. When the 2 Tone movement erupted in Britain (with Madness, The Specials, The Selecter etc) it was inevitable that Ska too would end up there. One of Australia's first ska bands, The(...)

Allusions, The

The Allusions were one of the most stylish and inventive of Sydney's 1960s beat groups. The band issued six singles; Gypsy Woman (March 1966), The Dancer (July 1966), Looks Like Trouble (October 1966), Roundabout (February 1967), Seven Days Of Rain (July 1967) and Mr Love (January 1968), plus one excellent - and very rare -(...)

Almost Anything Goes (Australia)

1 9 7 6 - 1 9 7 8 (Australia) Based on the British show It's a Knockout, Almost Anything Goes featured teams competing against each other in various challenges. Example challenges included; 'Hilltop Quoits' where contestants had to run up a hill greased with detergent and hang a quoit over a pole at the top 'Hanging(...)

Alvin Purple

1 9 7 6 (Australia) 13 x 30 minute episodes Alvin Purple was a spin-off from the Australian film of the same name which had been an immense box office hit in 1973. Unfortunately, part of the film's popular success was its vulgarity and bawdiness and although television had loosened up somewhat since the advent of Number 96, the ABC(...)

Alvin Purple (1973)

"The problem is, I just can’t seem to avoid sex.” This amiable sex farce follows the exploits of a young Australian man (Graeme Blundell) who - for reasons not stated in the movie - women find completely irresistible. Alvin Purple is a seemingly regular guy who stirs utterly boundless lust in the loins of women(...)

Alvin Rides Again (1974)

This feeble sequel to 70s Australian sex comedy Alvin Purple (1973) has the irresistible young Alvin (Graeme Blundell) grinning and baring all as he switches places with a look-alike gangster, "Balls" Mc Gee. As well as battling with a bevy of beautiful women, Alvin has to make peace with McGee and a sinister three-foot-tall dwarf. Blundell gallops(...)

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