Barley Charlie

1 9 6 4 (Australia) 13 x 30 minute episodes Sisters Joan (Sheila Bradley) and Shirley (Robina Beard) Muggleton inherit a run-down roadside cafe-cum-garage from their Uncle Ted, located at Frog’s Hollow on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne (Australia). They also inherit Charlie Appleby (Ted Hepple), a lazy mechanic who works there. The girls(…)

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1975)

Watching Barry McKenzie Holds His Own today it’s difficult to believe that as a kid I was allowed to show this movie at my high school. The 1974 sequel to The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) is packed with lines like “Our dear little stunted, slant-eyed, yellow friends” and “Have a crack at putting the ferret through the furry hoop”,(…)

Bay City Union

Bay City Union formed in Brisbane in March 1966 and were one of Australia’s first traditional Chicago blues bands. They released one single for Festival Records, in April 1968 before breaking up in July 1968 due to a lack of interest in blues bands. Guitarist Matt Taylor went on to success with Chain (alongside Phil Manning)(…)

BB Steal

Craig Csongrady Vocals, guitar Kevin Pratt Guitar, vocals Warren Mason Guitar Peter Waterank Bass Peter Heckenberg Drums Richard Grant Bass Craig Rosevear Drums

Be Our Guest

1 9 6 6 (Australia) Australian show Be Our Guest was an attempt by the Australian ABC-TV to capture a slice of the late daytime viewing audience, designed to please the whole family from early teens to Dad and Mum. Contrived but entertaining, the nightly 30-minute programme was a display of the talents of the showbiz guests who(…)


As Virgin Records’ first Australian signing, Beargarden were briefly big big news. Their first single, Finer Things, was released in 1984 and promoted via mega tours supporting Culture Club, Simple Minds and other heavyweights. But amidst criticisms of being a haircut band with no real talent, something began to wilt and die in Beargarden. All three(…)


1 9 8 5 – 1 9 8 7 (Australia) Though ostensibly a music TV programme, this Saturday afternoon show from the Australian ABC network was the first Aussie show which really did go out and talk to kids about important things. Launched in May 1985, Beatbox was put together by a cooperative of young unemployed people from(…)


Formed in Tasmania (Australia) in 1975, Beathoven was based around the amazingly talented trio of Charlie Touber, Greg Cracknell and David Minchin, supplemented by a series of drummers. Their combination of sharp pop songs and boyish good looks quickly led to an almost Beatlemania-like frenzy at their gigs within Tasmania, where they released one single, Do(…)

Beaumont Children Disappearance (1966)

In Adelaide, Australia, on 28 January 1966, three children from the Beaumont family, Jane (9), Arnna (7) and Grant (4) vanished from Glenelg beach after taking a bus from their Somerton home 2km away. Their mother Nancy kissed them goodbye at 10am and told them to be home by 2pm. That was the last time she(…)


1 9 6 7 – 1 9 7 7 (Australia) 1508 x 15 minute episodes 53 x 60 minute episodes 134 x 30 minute episodes Bellbird followed the lives of a community of country folk for more than ten years and became Australia’s first successful soap opera. Australian radio had a rural soap since 1944 (The Lawsons,(…)

Ben Hall

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 6 (Australia/UK/USA) 13 x 60 minute episodes The storyline of this Australian series centred on the bushranger, Frank Gardiner, and two others who murder a trooper and escape from custody. They head for Wheogo, near Forbes (NSW), the home of Gardiner’s ‘woman’, Kate Walsh. The trio take horses from(…)

Betty McQuade

Bev Harrell

Alongside Lynne Randell, petite blonde Bev Harrell was one of the most popular female solo singers on the mid-60s Australian pop scene. Hailing from Adelaide, Bev’s singing career started at the age of five when she won a newcomers’ competition on a children’s radio programme, singing Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl. She appeared regularly on the show until(…)

Big Gig, The

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 2 (Australia) 66 x 60 minute episodes In the late 80s, Australian comedian Wendy Harmer (pictured) brought back from England an idea for a television show which would be a mixture of comedy and bands – like the British show Friday Live – albeit with a very unique Australian(…)

Big Pig

Although technically an Australian group, Big Pig began in London around 1985. Lead singer Sherine had a dark alto that complemented the often depressing tone of the bands’ songs. But vocals weren’t the half of Big Pig – The instrumentation was keyboards, harmonica and drums – LOTS of drums (played by three out of seven members).(…)

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