Sweet Sweetback’s BaadAssss Song (1971)

Almost certainly the most important feature in the history of black film-making in the US, this is an angry riposte to the stereotypical characters that exist in both mainstream and blaxploitation pictures. Written, directed, edited and scored by its star, Melvin Van Peebles, it’s a film that couldn’t care less if it makes any friends.(…)

TNT Jackson (1974)

A young karate expert searches for her brother’s killer in Hong Kong. Diana ‘TNT.’ Jackson Jeanne Bell Charlie Stan Shaw Elaine Pat Anderson Sid Ken Metcalfe Dynamite Wong Chiquito Director Cirio H. Santiago

Trouble Man (1972)

Twentieth Century-Fox’s answer to the black action cycle initiated by MGM’s Shaft (1971) was this crude and violent underworld melodrama. In the hope of reproducing the success of the Richard Roundtree character, Fox even employed Shaft‘s producer, Joel Freeman, and one of its writers, John DF Black. In a one-note role as Mr T, a super(…)

Truck Turner (1974)

A bounty hunter goes after a criminal and in the ensuing pursuit, the fugitive is killed. The lover of the dead crook swears vengeance and hires a gang of hitmen to kill the bounty hunter. Apart from providing the voice for South Park‘s Chef, soul brother Isaac Hayes is probably better known for his Oscar-winning Shaft(…)

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