Adventures In Rainbow Country

1 9 6 9 (Canada/UK/Australia) 39 x 25 minute episodes 15-year-old Billy Williams and his younger sister Hannah lived with their mother Nancy (played by Lois Maxwell - Miss Moneypenny of James Bond fame) at a hunting and fishing lodge in Rainbow Country, a popular wilderness area of Northern Ontario, Canada. The lodge was built by(...)

Amazing World Of Kreskin, The

1 9 7 1 - 1 9 7 5 (Canada) 90 x 30 minute episodes This syndicated magic variety show screened from 1971 to 1975 (and was known in 1975 as The New Kreskin Show). The prestidigitator Kreskin (born George Joseph Kresge) performed mind-boggling feats of magic and mind reading, introduced by Bill Luxton. Kreskin specialized in(...)

April Wine

Myles Goodwyn Vocals, guitar Steve Lang Bass Gary Moffet Guitar Brian Greenway Guitar, vocals Jerry Mercer Drums David Henman Guitar Ritchie Henman Drums Jim Henman Bass Jim Clench Bass

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Bachman-Turner Overdrive's origins can be traced back to the substantial commercial achievements of The Guess Who in the late 60s. Randy Bachman (guitar/vocals) was a prominent member of that band but left in 1970 when his Mormon beliefs began to rankle at the excesses of a touring rock 'n' roll band. After recording an unsuccessful solo album,(...)

Band, The

Amid media speculation, Bob Dylan's backing group, The Band, released their debut album Music From Big Pink in 1968. It was named after the house they recorded it in (in West Saugerties, New York) and it entered the US album charts on August 10. The unusually high interest in The Band's autonomous debut was mainly due to the(...)

Beachcombers, The

1 9 7 2 - 1 9 9 0 (Canada) 324 x episodes The Beachcombers was in production for 19 years - the longest running drama in Canadian television history. The family adventure series featured the adventures of Nick Adonidas (Bruno Gerussi) - a licensed beachcomber on the North West Coast of British Columbia, his young Native partner(...)

Bryan Adams

Born in Ontario on 5 November 1959, Canadian Bryan Adams started in club groups around Vancouver, British Columbia, at the age of 16. Within a year of starting out, Adams was writing with Jim Vallance, their songs providing hits for Prism, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Bob Welch, KISS and others. Touring as the opening act for The Kinks, Loverboy and Foreigner in 1982 led to(...)

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Born around 1941 on the Piapot Cree reservation in Saskatchewan, Canada, (the Cree are one of the largest groups of native Americans in North America), Beverly "Buffy" Sainte-Marie had been orphaned and adopted by relatives in Maine.

Cannibal Girls (1973)

This Canadian-produced horror spoof by future SCTV stars starts with a young couple (Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin) stranded in a creepy town with a very creepy restaurant which is haunted by three dead women who hunger for human flesh. American International Pictures didn't really know what to do with Cannibal Girls, so they edited in a sporadic(...)


1 9 5 8 - 1 9 5 9 (Canada) 39 x 30 minute episodes This joint Canadian/UK production featured the adventures of two truckers - "Cannonball" Mike Malone and Jerry Austin - who hauled freight on the highways of Canada and the USA for the fictitious C&A Transport Company Ltd (in a similar format to(...)

Cowboy Junkies

Canadian musician Michael Timmins and his childhood friend Alan Anton formed a group called Hunger Project in 1979. It was not successful and, relocating to the UK, they formed an experimental instrumental group, Germinal. Returning to Toronto, they joined forces with Timmins' sister Margo and brother Peter. As the Cowboy Junkies they recorded their first(...)

Crew Cuts, The

The song Sh-Boom was originally recorded early in 1954 by The Chords. But it was the version by Canadian group The Crew Cuts (released later the same year) which attracted the attention of the record-buying public. The recording has often been viewed as the first notable move away from the middle-of-the-road sound to something resembling rock 'n'(...)

Decoy For Terror (1967)

No-budget Canadian horror flick (also known as The Playgirl Killer) about a deranged artist with a nasty habit of killing and freezing his models when he loses patience with their squirming and pouting. Cool climax: a power outage causes one model, frozen and posed with a bow and arrow, to release the arrow, killing the artist who's(...)

Degrassi High

1 9 8 9 - 1 9 9 1 (Canada)28 x 30 minute episodes

Degrassi Junior High

1 9 8 7 - 1 9 8 9 (Canada) 42 x 30 minute episodes The trials and triumphs of students at an urban junior-high school (and later high school) were explored in this Canadian-produced series, which didn't flinch from tackling serious issues. Degrassi developed a sizable and enthusiastic following and aired in some 40 countries.

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