Of all the trash Glam bands, the Sweet were the glammest. No question. They had the best make-up, the best idiot clothes, the best bouffant nonsense hair, the best pout to the camera – and the best tunes. (We’re not including Suzi Quatro in any of this, you understand.) Maybe the best thing about The Sweet(…)


Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld) was the elfin prince of Glam. He’d tried being a mod, he’d tried being a hippie, he’d tried being a model, but he was ultimately Born to Boogie. RIP. Bolan was brought up in Stamford Hill, London. His first band – the mid-Sixties psychedelic outfit John’s Children – overdressed sufficiently for him(…)


Wizzard was the epitome of Roy Wood’s notion of magic and entertainment, formed in 1972 after Roy split from ELO (which then fell under the leadership of Jeff Lynne). The mainstay of The Move in its heyday, Wood formed Wizzard as a rock ‘n’ roll revival vehicle for his Phil Spector-ish production numbers and made brilliantly catchy hit records,(…)

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