Alien Sex Fiend

The tabloid idea of what Goths are supposed to look like, Alien Sex Fiend were the demented brain-spawn of flamboyant Batcave employee Nik Fiend (real name Nick Wade) and his nicely named wife, Mrs Fiend (Christine Wade). Formed in 1982 with a line-up featuring David James (guitar), Christine Wade (keyboards), and Johnny "Ha Ha" Freshwater(...)

All About Eve

This London quartet featured the rather lovely - and often multi-tracked - voice of Coventry-born music journalist Julianne Regan (an early bassist in Gene Loves Jezebel) and utilised, of all people, former Yardbirds bassist Paul Samwell-Smith in the producer's chair. With dreamy-looking cover art and songs about children, angels and clouds, one might have expected lots of wispy,(...)


Bauhaus were the founding fathers of Goth-rock, creating a minimalist, gloomy style of post-punk, driven by jagged guitars and cold, metallic synthesizers. Throughout their brief career, the band explored all the variations on their bleak musical ideas, adding elements of glam rock, experimental electronic rock, funk and heavy metal. While their following has never really expanded beyond(...)

Fields of The Nephilim

Though there is room for everybody in life's rich musical pageant, most people with ears drew the line at Fields of The Nephilim. Their self-financed 1985 debut EP Burning The Fields begged the question . . . "why?". And "how did they ever get off the ground?" . . . and "can you stop now, please!" Carl(...)

Flesh For Lulu

Formed in Brixton, London, in 1982, Flesh For Lulu brought a warmer rock sound to Goth. No doomy vocals or icy guitar sound - instead they covered The Rolling Stones' Jigsaw Puzzle, got black backing singers to give Restless some soul, and wrote one of the all-time Goth anthems, Subterraneans. The band disbanded in 1989. Nick Marsh reformed(...)

Gene Loves Jezebel

Identical twins Jay (John) and Mike Aston enjoyed cult appeal as Gene Loves Jezabel in the UK goth community but achieved greater success in America. The pair grew up in the South Wales town of Porthcawl, together with guitarist Ian Hudson. After obtaining a drum machine, the trio became known as Slav Aran for a while,(...)


"Bela Lugosi's dead, undead, undead..." intoned Peter Murphy on the single that released a new genre - not to mention a fair scattering of bats - into the world. Like the vampiric film star Bauhaus (pictured at right) eulogized, Goth has never gone quietly into the ground, finding virgin blood to drink wherever the young, pale, alienated(...)

Rose of Avalanche

This Leeds-based goth-tinged band revolved around Phil Morris (vocals) and Paul James Berry (guitar), with the remainder of the line-up prone to frequent change. After disputes with the independent label, Fire (who released their early singles and their 1988 LP, Blaze ) the group established their own label, called Avalantic. The single, LA Rain, was a John Peel(...)

Sex Gang Children

They may have been Goth, but unlike such lugubrious peers as Sisters Of Mercy and All About Eve, at least Leeds' Sex Gang Children had a sparky punk energy. It was all in the Adam Ant-meets-Theatre Of Hate drumming, and singles such as the Gothabilly rocker Into the Abyss (1982), and Sebastiane (1983), where Andi Sex Gang's normally mannered vocals sound very effective against(...)

Sisters Of Mercy

These Leeds second-wavers (named after a track from 1968's Songs Of Leonard Cohen) formed in 1980 and became the sour face of Goth four years after their first single, with the release of their debut LP, First and Last and Always. Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus) asserted that The Sisters Of Mercy were "formed for Goths,(...)

Spear Of Destiny

Spear Of Destiny

Barely six months after the demise of Theatre of Hate, Kirk Brandon was braving it on stage in Manchester with a new band, a new name and a new repertoire. To say his audience were slightly perplexed by Spear of Destiny's brassier tribal Goth-Dub would be putting it mildly . . . Their much-anticipated debut album, Grapes(...)

Theatre of Hate

After the band broke-up, Billy Duffy moved on to The Cult while Brandon and Stammers formed Spear Of Destiny. Kirk Brandon VocalsBilly Duffy GuitarStan Stammers BassJohn Lennard SaxophoneNigel Preston Drums