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Chords, The

Based in Deptford, The Chords were probably the most energetic and powerful Mod Revival band in London. The band featured Billy Hassett (vocals/guitar) and his cousin Martin Mason (bass), plus Chris Pope (guitar) and Brett 'Buddy' Ascott (on Keith Moon Drums). Maybe Tomorrow was their most aggressive amphetamine rush of a single, after debuting with the already powerful Now(...)

Circles, The

Fronted by singer and guitarist Mick Walker, this Wolverhampton based mod revival four piece quickly built up a strong local following. The band signed to Graduate Records in 1979, who released the bands debut single, Opening Up b/w Billy, which reached #3 in the UK indie charts as the band embarked on a national tour to promote the release. A move(...)

Crooks, The

Hailing from Stoke Newington in London, The Crooks had a lengthy residency at The Pegasus in Green Lanes - and wore mainly rugby shirts and flares before turning mod in 1978. Generally shunned by the mod establishment (they were thought to be "too old to be mods" as three of them were 23!), Dino Dean,(...)

Division 4

Sydney brothers Kieren and Brad Fitzpatrick were playing in a local punk band in 1979 when they placed an ad looking for a drummer on a noticeboard at the University of NSW. Joe Genua responded, and brought with him bass player Antony Howell Smith III. Division 4 (named after the classic Aussie cop show of(...)

Fixations, The

Fixations, The

This mod revival band formed in North London in 1978. Paul Cathcart Vocals, guitar Paul Cattini Vocals, guitar Richard Sharp Bass Ken Gamby Drums

Gents, The

These Doncaster mod revivalists first came to prominence when they won the EMI Supergroup competition in Leeds. The first prize was a recording session at Abbey Road, and from that came a single - double A-side The Faker and Pink Pantser - which was issued in 1981. Other tracks from Abbey Road (along with other demo recordings) formed(...)

Introverts, The

Originally formed from the ashes of an outfit called The Fine Tuners - around a line-up of Greg Noyes (vocals), Chris Vaughan (guitar), Trevor Conomy (bass) and Kris Svendsen (drums) - The Introverts held a Tuesday night residency at Sydney's iconic Sussex Hotel for much of 1980 but fell apart due to internal dissent and(...)

Jam, The

Paul Weller (born John William Weller) and Rick Buckler met at school in Woking, Surrey, in 1975 and played music together during their lunch hours. The pair joined up with Bruce Foxton - who had been playing in a local prog rock band called Rita - and Steve Brookes to play local pubs and clubs, but(...)

Key, The

  Greg Hearnden   Vocals, guitar James Robinson   Bass, vocals Scott Egginton   Drums Graham Hill Bass

Lambrettas, The

In the spring of 1979, the Mod revival was gathering momentum. In Brighton, Quadrophenia was being filmed, and in the East End of London, the Bridge House had been holding regular Mods Monday nights which culminated in a Mods Mayday '79 event and live album. In June that year, The Lambrettas made their live debut on Hastings Pier. "We weren't even(...)

Little Murders

English ex-pat Rob Griffiths embraced 1960s English pop culture (The Who, The Kinks, Union Jack flags draped over amplifiers) so it was perhaps unsurprising that Little Murders (the band were named after a 1971 film starring Elliot Gould and directed by Alan Arkin) became the premier Mod revival band of the late 70s/early 80s Melbourne (Australia) independent music scene.(...)

Long Tall Shorty

A London band originally known as The Indicators, Long Tall Shorty were immensely popular on the mod revival club circuit. Fronted by Keith Mono, they recorded By Your Love for Warner Brothers but the record was mysteriously withdrawn after a week (rumours suggest as few as 250 copies exist), making it prized among mod revival collectors. By Your Love was(...)

Makin’ Time

Makin' Time hailed from the West Midlands and for a period were considered the great white hopes for the mod revival scene.                    

Merton Parkas

If the Merton Parkas had called their debut LP Just Another Face in the Neo-Mod Crowd, no further explanation would have been needed.  This unmemorable group had nondescript vocals, tame playing (guitar and piano so polite as to be biteless even at high volume) and dull songs (a cover of Tears Of A Clown not excepted). They do(...)

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