Mod revival

Mod Revival

Summer 1978 - England: Two years on, punk has exploded from its roots in grubby Sex Pistols gigs to shock exposés, hit singles, high street fashion and cartoon punks like Sham 69. It has lost its bite. The Jam, part of punk's first wave, also appeared to have lost their edge, but as the year wears on, they emerge with(...)

Nine Below Zero

Formed in the late '70s (originally as Stan's Blues Band) London R&B quartet Nine Below Zero took its name from a Sonny Boy Williamson song. The band was led by guitarist/vocalist Dennis Greaves and harmonica player Mark Feltham, and also featured bassist Peter Clark and drummer Kenny Bradley. Beginning as mostly a cover band, Nine Below Zero recorded an(...)

Purple Hearts, The

Dropping their shady punk past as The Sockets (not 'Jack Plug & The Sockets', contrary to popular belief), this Romford four-piece were figureheads for the Essex Mod stronghold, along with their label mates, The Chords. Together the groups formed a two-pronged spearhead which heralded the birth of the mod revival movement in London clubs like the Moonlight and(...)

Secret Affair

Secret Affair

Secret Affair were Ian Page, David Cairns, Dennis Smith, and Seb Shelton. They formed in 1978 and were one of the stars of the late 7o's Mod Revival movement,  receiving early exposure by supporting The Jam in England. Their first single, Time For Action, was the perfect youth anthem for the time and certainly one the most memorable and successful(...)

Sets, The

Australian band The Sets, led by brothers Gary and Don Hosie, were the leaders of the Sydney mod revival scene in the early 80s. Formed originally as a three-piece by Keith Claringbold (guitar and vocals), Phil Robinson (bass and vocals) and Stuart Hooper (drums), The Sets were the first (for a time the only) mod band(...)


Though they never received the recognition they deserved, Squire was one of the earliest and finest mod revival bands of the late 70's. Squire were able to transcend the limits of the genre with their high quality pop which drew equal parts from punk spirit and the 1960's. Named because they rehearsed above a shop called Squires,(...)

Teenbeats, The

A quintet from Hastings, England, The Teenbeats were one of the better bands on Britain's late '70s mod revival scene, with Huggy Leaver (vocals), Ken Copsey (lead guitar), Paul Thomas (rhythm guitar, vocals), Eddie Mays (bass), and Dave Blackman (drums) making their debut just as the revival was gathering steam. They further stoked the fires in 1979(...)

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