New Wave

B-52’s, The

The B-52's formed in 1977 in Athens, Georgia. Kate Pierson had been playing in a folk protest band called The Sun Donuts while raising goats and tending her garden outside of Athens. Fred Schneider was studying forestry at the University of Georgia and working in a vegetarian restaurant called the Eldorado. Ricky Wilson and Keith(...)

Barney Bubbles

Barney Bubbles is a cult figure among other designers but is barely known outside the field. Unlike contemporaries and followers like Peter Saville, Neville Brody, and Vaughan Oliver there has never been a book published or a museum exhibition of his work. War baby Colin Fulcher was born on 30 July, 1942 in Whitton, Middlesex.(...)


It was in 1973, at New York's Boburn Tavern, that former Playboy bunny waitress Deborah Harry met Chris Stein. She was performing as one-third of The Stilettos, who played trashy girl-group tributes, and he was immediately besotted. Chris joined their drifting troupe of backing musicians (which also included The New York Dolls) but soon lured Debbie away to form a new group.(...)


The New York club that propelled American rock into the 1970s by launching unsigned and untried bands such as Television, Talking Heads and The Ramones, was started by a classically trained pop singer, called Hilly Kristal, as an outlet for country, bluegrass and blues performers - hence the name - CBGB (Country, Blue Grass, Blues). Having managed Greenwich Village's(...)


Devo was formed in Akron, Ohio (the rubber town 40 miles away from Cleveland) in 1972 by Kent State art students Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh.  From the early 70's they had been known as The De-Evolution Band, before sensibly abbreviating the name to Devo. Clearly having spent too much time inhaling the black smoke(...)

New Wave

New Wave is often remembered more for skinny ties and silly haircuts than for musical merits. The Police, Elvis Costello, The Cars and Blondie all lent some respect to the genre, peaking in 1983 when The Police's Synchronicity went Number One worldwide. So what exactly was New Wave? Well, essentially it was all post-punk era music (starting circa 1977) that journalists, record label(...)

Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe has probably the greatest ear for melody in the modern world - but this is not just a pop melody composing genius - This is also a very clever man with a sense of humour : Example? When David Bowie released an album called Low, Nick responded with an album called Bowi. Born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, on(...)

Specials, The/Special AKA

Specials, The/Special AKA

Though short-lived, The Specials Mk I were punk's multi-racial idealism made flesh. The group came together almost by osmosis, gathering together the remnants of several Coventry punk, soul and reggae outfits. Chief instigator, songwriter, designer and founder of the 2 Tone label was keyboard player Jerry Dammers - he of the gap-toothed look (the result(...)