Northern Soul

Barbara McNair

Brenda Holloway had one genuine rival in the Motown glamour stakes. The delectable Barbara McNair from Racine, Wisconsin, even went into the annals as the first Motown artiste to pose for Playboy, in October 1968. In truth, McNair wasn't in Holloway's class as an outright soul singer, but that wasn't why Berry Gordy signed her up(...)

Kim Weston

Kim Weston was born Agatha Natalie Weston on 30 December 1939, in Detroit, Michigan, and started singing in the church at the age of four. Later, while singing with a gospel group, she was signed by Motown Records in 1961, scoring a minor hit a year later with Love Me All the Way - actually the B-side to her(...)

Northern Soul

A musical movement born in the industrial North of England, the Northern Soul phenomenon grew out of club-goers passion for black American dance music. It morphed eventually into a craze for rare (and by extension, very expensive) records, and even lionised some quirky artists and even quirkier records. Eventually the scene spread way beyond the(...)

Wigan Casino

After several rumours of licences not being renewed, battles with the police and the drugs squad and many other problems, it was ultimately none of these that caused the Casino's demise - It was simply that the local council wanted to redevelop the site to extend the Civic Centre. It was first recognised in 1978(...)