4 Skins, The

The undisputed heroes of the early 80s skinhead scene, The 4 Skins were one of the mainstays of the second-wave of British punk commonly known as Oi! They endured major line-up changes, going through four lead singers including, at one point, their manager, and recorded three albums in the early 80s. In the studio the band were capable of(...)

Attila The Stockbroker

After graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in French, this performance poet (born John Baine on 21 October 1957) really was a stockbroker, or on the way to becoming one, before he set out on the live music circuit. Accompanied on occasion by his own mandolin backing, he regaled his audience with(...)

Business, The

The Business hailed from Lewisham in South London and along with Sham 69, Cockney Rejects, and Angelic Upstarts, became one of the prime movers in the post-Pistols British punk sub-genre known as Oi! The Oi! movement was marked by strenuously collectivist politics, chanted, football-cheer choruses and an unruly contingent of violent, rightwing hooligan fans. The Business was fully prepared(...)

Crack, The

In 1982, Cheltenham Oi! outfit The Crack won a televised Battle of the Bands competition (voted for by none other than Slade frontman Noddy Holder) which landed them a deal with RCA. They released three singles for the label but made no real headway until Link Records released their debut album In Search Of The Crack in 1989.(...)

Exploited, The

You would be excused for thinking that a band who sing about kicking a Mod in the head to the tune of Jingle Bells, fronted by a very menacing Scotsman with a towering Mohican hairdo, may be the band least likely to play on Top Of The Pops. But they did! Tracks of note from The Exploited(...)


In 1980, four Brummie drinking buddies got together and formed a band inspired by the mid-70's punk acts. Initially called Charged GBH, somehow this rowdy mob of leather-clad former milkmen, jewellers, warehouse men and clerical officers secured a residency at a local pub called the Crown, building up a local following. They were signed up to Stoke-based(...)

Last Resort, The

The Last Resort formed in 1980 after Roi Pearce had seen a band called The Rivals rehearsing. He met up with a guitarist called Charlie Duggan and Graham Saxby was recruited on vocals. At a subsequent Rivals gig they found a drummer called Andy Benfield. Saxby left the band in early 1981, with Roi taking(...)

Oi! Music

By the end of the 1970s, punk in Britain was splintering into several distinct strains, most of them quite "arty". Oi! music was an attempt to keep punk a populist, street-level phenomenon, and most of it came from the working class of South London and the cockney East End. When Garry Bushell, then features editor at Sounds, coined(...)

Oppressed, The

The Oppressed was an Oi! band formed in March 1981 in Cardiff by Russell Payne (guitar), his brother Ronnie (bass), Gary Tier (drums) and Martin Brennan (vocals). After several changes, it was the line-up with Roddy Moreno (vocals), his brother Dom (bass), Russell Payne (guitar) and Lee Jenkins (drums), that lasted about two years before breaking up(...)


Skrewdriver were formed in Blackpool in 1976 by Ian Stuart Donaldson after he saw The Sex Pistols in Manchester. The band later changed into a skinhead band and then became one of the first White Power bands, playing a leading role in the far right 'Rock Against Communism' movement. Although the original band had a reputation for attracting violence(...)