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20/20 was formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by high school friends Steve Allen (guitar, vocals) and Ron Flynt (bass,vocals). They relocated to Los Angeles in 1977, after fellow Tulsa natives Phil Seymour and Dwight Twilley met with success. There they added Mike Gallo - who had come from Buffalo with pretty much the same goals and similar(...)

Affections, The

The story of Australian power pop band The Affections began in Sydney in the mid 70's when school friends Rob Smith, Rob Risio and George Ellis discovered each other's passion for 60's pop and bubblegum and decided to form a band of their own. While still on the lookout for a drummer, the trio jammed and listened(...)

Bram Tchaikovsky

Bram Tchaikovsky (born Peter Bramall) began playing in local pub bands in Lincolnshire in the late 60s. He joined The Motors in 1977 and was relegated to mere sideman status by the nucleus of the band, songwriters Andy McMaster and Nick Garvey. While waiting on pre-production work for the second Motors album, Tchaikovsky took the opportunity to(...)

dB’s, The

This talented quartet from North Carolina moved to Manhattan and began gigging around the city to almost universal praise. Unfortunately, they were unable to attract the interest of any American record companies and so off they went to England to sell their debut album, Stands For DeciBels (January 1981). The LP immediately charted overseas and drew even(...)

Innocents, The

When Tasmanian group Beathoven, relocated to Melbourne in 1977 they were "discovered" by American rock svengali Kim Fowley, who was so impressed with the group that he produced some tracks and made them change their name to The Innocents. Moving to Sydney in 1980 they recorded the superbly infectious single Sooner Or Later (produced by popmeister Jim Manzie,(...)

Jags, The

The Jags are a fondly remembered part of the late-70s/early 80s UK power pop explosion. The quartet was formed in 1978 by the Yorkshire-based songwriting team of Nick Watkinson and John Alder with Steve Prudence on bass and Alex Baird on drums. In July of 1978, they signed to Island Records and released a promising four track(...)

Knack, The

The Knack exemplified American New Wave - a short haired, 60s-influenced band playing straight-ahead pop-rock while sporting skinny ties and modish suits. Charting worldwide in 1979 with the catchy, syncopated My Sharona, The Knack were briefly a bona fide pop sensation. The single blared on car radios throughout that summer, and their debut album, Get The Knack, sold 5 million(...)

Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice were a hard working power pop band that were touted as being the next big thing from Western Australia. Formed in 1974, they started out as covers band primarily playing 60's beat but specialising in Beatles songs. They went through a few line-up changes and gathered a large fan base. They were signed(...)

Nerves, The

Singer/songwriter Jack Lee formed The Nerves with fellow San Francisco street musicians Peter Case and Paul Collins. He had moved to LA but the Sunset Strip was now a shadow of its former self, and the band were something of a West Coast anomaly with their short hair, suits and skinny ties. They survived, though,(...)


Despite forming in 1971, Chicago-based Pezband were crowned 'Most Promising New Act of the Year' in 1978, primarily because of the resurging interest in power pop music thanks to the skinny tie power pop scene of the late 70s. Like their Midwestern predecessors  The Raspberries, Pezband looked to mid-Sixties British pop to define their style. The group(...)

Pleasers, The

  Stephen 'Bo' Benham Vocals, bass Steve McNerney Vocals, guitar Nick Powell Guitar, vocals Dave Rotchelle  Drums

Raspberries, The

The Raspberries, a Cleveland-based band, summed up everything classic power pop was about (before the term was even being used); simplicity, Beach Boys-esque harmonies, and delightfully skilled melodies - all underpinned by an instrumentation that paid homage to many British Invasion-era bands. The band was built around the Brit rock obsessions of vocalist Eric Carmen and guitarist Wally Bryson. They had a string(...)

Records, The

The Records are best remembered for their cult classic, Starry Eyes, a song that defined British power pop in the 70s. While they never matched the success of that record, their high-quality output from 1979 to 1982 held up better than most of the era and has also served as a blueprint for the various waves of UK(...)

Rembrandts, The

Danny Wilde had been pursuing a solo career for five years and Phil Solem had been trying to get his own band off the ground. So when the two former members of LA pop band Great Buildings got together late in 1990 and wrote a couple of songs, they didn't expect it to turn into(...)

Romantics, The

As one of the first generation of American bands to emerge from the revival of local music scenes brought about by New Wave, The Romantics avoided the arty excesses of New York and the punky posing of California, developing instead a powerful, honest style of their own. The band formed in 1977 on Detroit's east(...)

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