4 Skins, The

The undisputed heroes of the early 80s skinhead scene, The 4 Skins were one of the mainstays of the second-wave of British punk commonly known as Oi! They endured major line-up changes, going through four lead singers including, at one point, their manager, and recorded three albums in the early 80s. In the studio the band were capable of(...)


999 formed in London in May 1977. Led by vocalist/guitarist Nick Cash (a onetime student at the Canterbury College of Art under the tutelage of Ian Dury and a former member of the pub-rock unit Kilburn and the High Roads) the band very quickly established themselves as a popular fixture on the London punk circuit, issuing their debut single I'm Alive on their(...)

Abrasive Wheels

Shonna Rzonca Vocals Dave Ryan Guitar Harry Harrison Bass Nev Nevison Drums  

Action Pact

London's Action Pact were fronted by exuberant vocalist Alison 'George Cheex' Roberts and took their musical cues from the likes of The Ramones, The Saints, X-Ray Spex and Penetration. They also wrote about what they saw going on around them, socially and politically. Their debut release was titled Heathrow Touchdown and was aired while two of(...)

Adicts, The

The Adicts were a British punk quartet founded in Ipswich, Suffolk, in the late '70s by lead singer Monkey (Keith Warren), guitarist Pete Davison, bassist Mel Ellis, and drummer Kid Dee (Michael Davison). The group affected the look of the 'droogs' in the film A Clockwork Orange (1971), with Monkey sporting a black bowler hat and face makeup. Largely(...)

Adverts, The

With their raw, enthusiastic immaturity, The Adverts were a bright but short-lived light of the punk era, and their bass player Gaye Advert (pictured) was one of the first female musicians of punk rock and became something of a pin-up in 1977. The band were formed in 1976 by Tim "TV" Smith and Gaye Advert(...)

Angelic Upstarts

  The Angelic Upstarts were formed in South Shields (Tyneside) in 1978 after the initial punk explosion had hit London. Their first single The Murder of Liddle Towers (1978) was released on Rough Trade and quickly became a classic punk single. Their original drummer, Keith 'Sticks' Warrington, left the band to join the Cockney Rejects - possibly because(...)

Anti-Nowhere League

In good punk tradition, the Anti-Nowhere League formed in Kent, England, in 1980 out of sheer boredom. The band members were old friends, congenital troublemakers and occasional bikers who discovered the joy of ineptly played guitars. While any self-respecting punk band had to be called 'Anti' something, they became The Anti-Nowhere League . Their first(...)


Hailing from Derbyshire, England, Anti-Pasti were part of the commercially successful but critically reviled second wave of punk. The group signed to the punk/heavy metal label Rondelet in 1980 and debuted with the EP Four Sore Points, followed by another, Let Them Free, in January 1981. Later that year, Anti-Pasti unleashed The Last Call, which reached the(...)


The New York club that propelled American rock into the 1970s by launching unsigned and untried bands such as Television, Talking Heads and The Ramones, was started by a classically trained pop singer, called Hilly Kristal, as an outlet for country, bluegrass and blues performers - hence the name - CBGB (Country, Blue Grass, Blues). Having managed Greenwich Village's(...)

Chaotic Dischord

A bunch of complete punk loonies from Bristol who started out as Vice Squad's road crew plus some mates. The line-up eventually settled down as Ampex, E.Stix, Ransid and Pox (really), and their music - such as their debut single Fuck The World (1982) - delighted in consistently trying to shock and insult the rest of the world.(...)


A punk outfit formed in London in 1977 by vocalist Gene October. Original members Billy Idol and Tony James swiftly departed to form Generation X, but October continued to front Chelsea through myriad line-up changes. Gene bellowed like a wounded bull on their debut single Right To Work. While other new wave bands used the dole queue(...)

Chron Gen (Chronic Generation)

This energetic punk band originated from Hitchin in Hertfordshire in 1978, and kept their good-natured Sex Pistols-inspired vision active well into the mid-1980s. The band released their debut EP, Puppets Of War, on their own Gargoyle label in 1981, followed by their fabulous second single, Reality, on Step Forward. They then signed to Secret for several more excellent releases(...)


Crass was formed in 1978 by Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud, who lived a commune-type life in a farmhouse called Dial House at North Weald near Epping, Essex, which was home to a group of artists and dropouts. The house was founded as an open community in 1967 by Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher, radicalised by their(...)

Damned, The

The Damned formed in London in 1976. Former undertaker Dave Vanian (real name Dave Letts) met up with Rat Scabies (Chris Miller), Captain Sensible (Ray Burns) and Brian James (real name Brian Robertson) and the band were signed to the new Stiff label by Jake Riviera. The group released the classic track New Rose, produced by Stiff stablemate Nick Lowe and became(...)

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