Vietnam war

Agent Orange

The selective weed killer known as "Agent Orange" became notorious for its use in the 1960s during the Vietnam War by US forces to eliminate ground cover which could protect enemy forces. It was subsequently discovered to contain highly poisonous dioxin. Thousands of US troops who had handled it, along with many Vietnamese people who(...)

Fall of Saigon (1975)

The war in Vietnam ended abruptly on 30 April 1975.  Saigon surrendered almost without a struggle as North Vietnamese tanks rolled into the city and knocked down the gates of the Presidential palace. Convoys of lorries carrying thousands of jubilant Communist troops drove through the city. The guerrillas, some of them teenage girls, exchanged waves(...)

Ho Chi Minh

1 8 9 0 - 1 9 6 9 Ho Chi Minh was the adopted name of Nguyen Tat Thanh - a North Vietnamese communist politician, prime minister (1954 - 1955) and president (1954 - 1969). Having trained in Moscow shortly after the Russian Revolution, he headed the communist Vietminh from 1941 and fought against(...)

My Lai massacre

Vietnam War

French Indochina was captured by the Japanese during WWII. After 1945 the French tried unsuccessfully to restore their rule in Vietnam, and in 1954 they were defeated by the Vietnamese (led by the Communist Ho Chi Minh) and had to withdraw. Vietnam was divided into the Communist-ruled North supported by the Soviet Union, and the(...)