A New Kind of Family

1 9 7 9 - 1 9 8 0 (USA) 11 x 30 minute episodes Two single mothers - widow Kit Flanagan (Eileen Brennan) and divorcee Abby Stone (Gwynne Gilford) - rent the same Los Angeles house, sight unseen, from an unscrupulous real estate agent. Realising they have been duped, and with their money gone(...)

A Sharp Intake Of Breath

1 9 7 7 - 1 9 8 1 (UK) 22 x 30 minute episodes Following his success as support to Ronnie Barker in the BBC's Open All Hours, and just before taking off as Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses, David Jason starred in this ITV sitcom as Peter Barnes, a hapless Mr Average character, forever trying to(...)

A Touch of Grace

1 9 7 3 (USA) 22 x 30 minute episodes This remake of the British sitcom For the Love of Ada starred Shirley Booth (of Hazel fame) as Grace Simpson and ran for 22 episodes on ABC from January to June 1973. J Patrick O'Malley co-starred as grave-digger Herbert Morrison, with Marian Mercer and Warren Berlinger as Myra and Walter(...)

A Very Peculiar Practice

1 9 8 6 - 1 9 8 8 (UK) 15 x 60 minute episodes The saga of a medical practice run by four doctors - Young bashful Dr Stephen Daker (Peter Davison) who joins the health clinic of the fictitious Lowlands University, and his blackly funny colleagues -  Bob, a nasty Tory, Jock, an old(...)

A Year At The Top

1 9 7 7 (USA) 5 x 30 minute episodes This short-lived series aired for only five episodes on CBS between 5 August 1977 and 2 September 1977. Paul Shaffer (who would later gain fame working on The David Letterman Show) co-starred with Greg Evigan (BJ and the Bear) as two struggling singer/musicians who leave their home(...)


1 9 5 6 - 1 9 5 7 (UK) BBC entertainment in which Alan Melville strung together sketches, songs, parodies and guest appearances to a different letter of the alphabet each week. Derived originally from a published format by Wolf Mankowitz, it was somewhat ahead of its time and rather sophisticated for the day. An(...)

A.E.S. Hudson Street

1 9 7 8 (USA) 5 x 30 minute episodes This short-lived ABC tryout series centred around Dr Antonio ''Tony'' Menzies (Gregory Sierra, who played Detective Chano Amenguale on Barney Miller), the busy chief resident of an overcrowded and poorly equipped inner city emergency ward ("A.E.S." stood for Adult Emergency Services). The location was Hudson Street, New(...)

a.k.a. Pablo

1 9 8 4 (USA) 5 x 30 minute episodes Short-lived ABC comedy about a struggling young Hispanic comedian and his large, noisy family, who rooted for his success while wanting him to treat his Mexican-American heritage with almost solemn dignity. Paul Rivera - still called Pablo by his family - used a lot of ethnic(...)

Abbott and Costello Show, The

1 9 5 2 - 1 9 5 4 (USA) 52 x 30 minute episodes Stage and screen comedians Bud Abbott (born William Abbott) and Lou Costello (born Louis Francis Cristillo) brought their routines to television in a half-hour situation comedy series that was first released in 1952. The Abbott and Costello Show revived many of the(...)

ABC Comedy Hour, The

1 9 7 2 (USA) 13 x 60 minute episodes The ABC Comedy Hour screened between 12 January 1972 and 5 April 1972, and starred top impressionists of the day - Frank Gorshin, Rich Little, George Kirby, Joe Baker, Marilyn Michaels and Charlie Callas. Newcomer Fred Travalena replaced Charlie Callas in the company in mid-series. Collectively the(...)

ABC Monday Night Comedy Special, The

1 9 7 7 (USA) The ABC Monday Night Comedy Special (broadcast between May and September 1977) was an umbrella title covering an assortment of films for proposed series that did not make the schedule, and leftovers from shows that had been cancelled. Included was a John Byner sitcom, an unusual rock music show (30 minutes of(...)

Abigail and Roger

1 9 5 6 (UK) 9 x 20 minute episodes The comedy adventures of an engaged couple living separately (this was the 1950s) in London's bedsitter land, with the humour arising from their differing attitudes to life . . . Shorthand typist Abigail was an outspoken and capable individual who could cook, drive a car, mend a(...)

About Face

1 9 8 9 - 1 9 9 1 (UK) 12 x 30 minute episodes This series of twelve unconnected sitcoms placed the spotlight on the many talents of Maureen Lipman, as she played twelve different and varied leading roles with different guest stars in each episode. During the run, Lipman played a South London telephonist,(...)


1 9 8 9 - 1 9 9 3 (UK) 24 x 30 minute episodes This anarchic and surreal sketch show - a sort of latter day Monty Python in tartan - derived from the Scottish school of alternative comedy. The show starred Morwenna Banks, Jack Docherty, Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy and John Sparkes. Although it featured skits, animation and spoofed-up songs, its(...)

Absolutely Fabulous

1 9 9 2 - 2 0 1 2 (UK) Developed from a sketch on French and Saunders, this tale of rich bitches Edina 'Eddy' Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley) - 1960s firebrands who never grew up - took the public by storm. Single mother Eddy had her own PR/fashion business and behaved very badly(...)

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