Accidental Family

1 9 6 7 - 1 9 6 8 (USA) 16 x 30 minute episodes This NBC sitcom told the tales of carefree Las Vegas nightclub entertainer and widower Jerry Webster (Jerry Van Dyke, younger brother of Dick), who is enjoying his bachelor existence until he is unexpectedly confronted with custody of the six-year-old son he(...)

According To Dora

1 9 6 8 - 1 9 6 9 (UK) 15 x 30 minute episodes A themed-sketch show for funny-lady Dora Bryan who was a dab hand at this sort of revue-style comedy. She was born Dora Broadbent in Southport on 7 February 1924 and worked as a dancer before discovering her gift for humour and(...)

Ace Crawford, Private Eye

1 9 8 3 (USA) 5 x 30 minute episodes This short-lived (5 episodes) CBS sitcom introduced Ace Crawford - probably the world's worst Private Detective. Ace (Tim Conway) solved his cases mostly through sheer fluke and good luck. There was certainly very little skill involved - although dressed in the obligatory crumpled trench-coat and hat,(...)

Acropolis Now

1 9 8 9 - 1 9 9 2 (Australia) 63 x 30 minute episodes This sitcom from Crawford Productions was effectively a spin-off from the successful Wogs Out Of Work stage show which toured Australia in the 1980s (both were conceived by Nick Giannopoulos and Simon Palomares). The series revolved around a Greek cafe in Melbourne called(...)

Adam’s Rib

1 9 7 3 (USA) 12 x 30 minute episodes 1 x 60 minute episode An attempt to generate a weekly sitcom based on the 1949 Oscar-nominated hit comedy movie of the same name, in which Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn played husband and wife attorneys Adam and Amanda Bonner, their opposite positions in a court(...)

Addams Family, The

1 9 6 4 - 1 9 6 6 (USA) 64 x 30 minute episodes The adventures of the seriously spooky and altogether ooky Addams family who live at number 0001 Cemetery Lane in suburban New York - right next door to an overgrown cemetery. The extended family include Gomez Addams, an eccentric cigar-smoking millionaire lawyer;(...)

Adventures of Aggie, The

1 9 5 6 (UK) 26 x 30 minute episodes This early British made sitcom starred a US actress so it could be sold to America. The actress in question was Joan Shawlee who appeared as Aasgard Agnette Anderson, an international buyer working for a world-famous fashion house. The demands of her job meant that she didn't(...)

Adventures of Brigadier Wellington-Bull, The

1 9 5 9 (UK) 5 x 30 minute episodes This British sitcom followed the adventures of retired Army Brigadier, Garnet Wellington-Bull, who was a widowed career soldier trying to come to terms with life on civvy street but not finding it very easy. He stumbled from one mishap to another and had to rely on(...)

Adventures of Don Quick, The

1 9 7 0 (USA) 6 x 30 minute episodes The Adventures of Don Quick was a space-age version of Cervantes' classic literary satire, Don Quixote, with the anti-hero tilting at alien civilisations instead of windmills. Astronaut Don Quick (Ian Hendry), a member of the Intergalactic Maintenance Squad, was accompanied in his unwelcome know-best meddling by his faithful(...)

Adventures Of Hiram Holliday, The

1 9 5 6 (USA) 26 x 25 minute episodes This modest and underrated comedy series from a Paul Gallico character revolved around Hiram Holliday - a meek little newspaper proof-reader who saved his New York-based publisher a small fortune when he inserted a comma in a news story. As a As a reward, his bosses gave(...)

Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet, The

1 9 5 2 - 1 9 6 6 (USA) 435 x 25 minute episodes This show originated on CBS Radio between 1944 and 1954, where it was originally known as The Ozzie Nelson - Harriet Hilliard Show. On the original radio show the kids were played by actors as opposed to Ozzie and Harriet's real kids(...)

Adventures of Pete & Pete, The

1 9 9 3 - 1 9 9 6 (USA) 30 x episodes American sitcom chronicling the misadventures of two brothers - both named Pete - and their friends in Westville, USA. Knowingly heavy on music and celebrities (guests included LL Cool J, Iggy Pop and Michael Stipe from REM) the show started as a series of one-minute promos for(...)

After Henry

1 9 8 8 - 1 9 9 2 (UK) 38 x 30 minute episodes Sarah France (Prunella Scales) is 42 and a widow of two years - her GP husband, Henry, having been killed in a car crash. Dr France has left Sarah well provided for, with a large Edwardian detached house in Stipton (a(...)

After Hours

1 9 5 8 - 1 9 5 9 (UK) 28 x 25 minute episodes After Hours reunited the co-star (Michael Bentine) and director (Dick Lester) of Yes, It's The Cathode Ray Tube Show! The humour was drawn from musical and sporting guests and, in particular, film and news sketches - a formula that Bentine would later hone for(...)

After That, This

1 9 7 5 (UK) The curious image of an egg-timer full of eggs opened After That, This week after week, and it set the tone for what followed. More whimsical than satirical, the sketches tried to ape Monty Python by dispensing with punch lines. In one, Eleanor Bron disrupts a dinner party by pretending to be a cat. In another,(...)

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