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Yogi’s Space Race

1 9 7 8 (USA) Yogi Bear and other Hanna-Barbera characters matched wits with Phantom Phink as they raced around the galaxy in this animated series which originally premiered in the US on 9 September 1978.

You and Me

1 9 7 4 - 1 9 9 2 (UK) Humans and puppets interacted, told stories and had fun to provide entertainment to 4 and 5-year-old preschool viewers. The series did not shy away from teaching children about the modern world and, in 1987, ran segments dealing with child abuse. The segments featured a character called(...)

You Must Be Joking!

1 9 7 5 - 1 9 7 6 (UK) 15 x 30 minute episodes Two series of slapstick, satire and straight gags written and performed by teenagers from the Anna Scher Children's Theatre in Islington, north London, under the guidance of the only adult on the show, the former star of The Comedians and future Bullseye compere, Jim Bowen.(...)

Young Ramsay

1 9 7 7 - 1 9 8 0 (Australia) 26 x 60 minute episodes Tired of city life, young veterinarian Peter Ramsay (John Hargreaves) moves to the countryside and connects with the locals. The area in the series was called Jindarra though the series was actually filmed in the area around Healesville, Victoria. Hargreaves was(...)

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It

1 9 8 5 - 1 9 8 8 (UK) 21 x 25 minute episodes An innovative children's sketch production - winner of a BAFTA Award for Best Children's Entertainment programme - that spoofed and satirised life as experienced by youngsters and teenagers, and created such characters as the Superman-like Tweeman, superhero Street Budgie, Loaf and(...)

Zig and Zag’s Dirty Deeds

1 9 9 6 (UK) The fuzzy felt puppets - aliens from Planet Zog - first landed on Ireland RTE's show Den TV, then switched to Channel 4's morning flagship The Big Breakfast, before finally going it alone in Zig and Zag's Dirty Deeds. Here the vindictive, neon-toned duo performed 'mission impossibles' for filthy lucre on behalf of celebrity(...)


1 9 7 0 (UK)  

Zoo Time

1 9 5 6 - 1 9 6 8 (UK) 500+ x 25 minute episodes With videotape and film expensive, and technology limited in television until the early 1960s, the bulk of this animal information programme came in the form of live outside broadcasts. This approach overcame the problems inherent in introducing large and uncooperative animals(...)

Zoobilee Zoo

1 9 8 6 (USA) Seven Zooberrific animals came together for stories, songs and important life lessons on TV's Zoobilee Zoo. With a cast headed by Tony award winner Ben Vereen, the show was a vibrant, whimsical, musical extravaganza, filled with bright, colourful images and Emmy-winning costumes. Vereen played Mayor Ben, the kind-hearted leopard leader of the Zoobilee(...)


1 9 7 2 - 1 9 7 9 (USA) Between Fanny Doodle, The Cat Came Back song, and Miss Mary Mac, kids learned more than just the zip code for Boston, Mass. (02134). This half-hour show was like the Stepford Children . . . A Boston-based PBS kids programme in which child prisoners (all wearing matching striped(...)

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