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87th Precinct


87thprecinct_lansing1 9 6 1 – 1 9 6 2 (USA)
29 x 60 minutes episodes

Detective Steve Carella worked at New York’s 87th Precinct, along with a line-up of typical police detectives, such as the rookie and the seasoned old-timer.

His wife Teddy (played by Gena Rowlands) added a personal side to the stories.

The series originally screened between September 25, 1961 and April 30, 1962 on NBC. It was aired on Mondays at 9:00 to 10:00 pm. The memorable theme tune was by Mort Stevens.


The Floater | Lady in Waiting | Lady Killer | The Modus Man | Line of Duty | Occupation, Citizen | Killer’s Payoff | The Guilt | Empty Hours | My Friend, My Enemy | The Very Hard Sell | Till Death | The Heckler | Run, Rabbit, Run | Main Event | Man in a Jam | Give the Boys a Great Big Hand | Out of Order | A Bullet for Katie | King’s Ransom Feel of the Trigger | Killer’s Choice | Square Cop | Step Forward | Idol in the Dust | Ramon | New Man in the Precinct | The Last Stop | Girl in the Case

Det. Steve Carella 
Robert Lansing
Det. Meyer Meyer

Norman Fell
Det. Bert Kling

Ron Harper
Det. Roger Havilland

Gregory Walcott
Teddy Carella

Gena Rowlands