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Look and Read

1 9 6 7 – 2 0 0 1 (UK)

look&read1Look and Read was an educational schools series from the BBC that debuted in 1967.

In the early 1980s, the series featured a strange orange blob with arms. He was called Wordy and lived in a ‘Wordlab’ space station orbiting the Earth with his male companion, Colin (he of the yellow tracksuit).

Wordy’s life revolved around discovering “interesting” things about words. Example? – Did you know there are two “o”s in “book”, “look”, and “took”?

Wordy and Colin were assisted by a team of cartoon characters, including Rip Van Twinkle. They also presented short dramas featuring children discovering exciting things.

boyfromspace-peeppeepOne such drama series was The Boy From Space (by Richard Carpenter) which told the story of an alien child called Peep-Peep (pictured at left) , who was helped by two children, siblings Dan and Helen, and a kindly astrologer called Mr Bunting.

Peep-Peep was being pursued by an evil alien hunter – the exceedingly creepy Thin Man – and only the children’s quick witted reading ability could save him (not a bloody big gun then?).

Peep-Peep’s language was different to ours, but it turned out (in a fortuitous twist) that the Peepmeister was, in fact, using English – but backwards. Example? “Pots” was the alien word for “Stop” . . . em reggub!

Another memorable Look and Read drama was Dark Towers, a 1981 adventure which featured Christopher Biggins as an evil villain battling ghosts and two bright children for control of a haunted house.