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Occasional Wife

1 9 6 6 – 1 9 6 7 (USA)
30 x 30 minute episodes

Swinging bachelor Peter (Michael Callan) has a boss (Jack Collins) who frowns on swinging bachelors. Swinging bachelor wants to make points with the boss, so he proposes to hat-check girl, Greta (Patricia Harty).

“Greta, I want you to be my wife . . . occasionally.”

They make a deal. He pays her rent and picks up the tab for her art lessons. She agrees to pose as his wife whenever the boss is in the neighbourhood.

Their apartments are connected by a fire escape, and the traffic on it – boy, girl, boy’s girlfriends, miscellaneous visitors – is a constant source of bewilderment and entertainment to the apartment house’s other tenants. So are the couple’s frequent arguments.

Peter Christopher
Michael Callan
Greta Patterson
Patricia Harty
Max Brahms
Jack Collins