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Big Hawaii

1 9 7 7 (USA)
12 x 60 minute episodes

The Hawaii in this series not only had bright flowers, sandy beaches, swaying palms, towering volcanoes and garish shirts, it also had family clashes, dusty pickup trucks, milling cattle herds, drunken brawls, torrid love affairs and sinister strangers.

The thread that held everything together was the battle of wills between Mitch Fears (Cliff Potts), a prodigal who had returned to help run his family’s vast Paradise ranch, and his autocratic father (John Dehner), one of Hawaii’s wealthiest and most powerful men.


Big Hawaii‘s big cast also included Bill Lucking, Lucia Stralser, Elizabeth Smith, Moe Keale and Remi Abellira.

Barrett Fears
John Dehner
Mitch Fears
Cliff Potts
Oscar Kalahani
Bill Lucking
Karen ‘Keke’ Fears
Lucia Stralser
Lulu Kalahani
Elizabeth Smith
Garfield Kalahani
Moe Keale
Kimo Kalahani
Remi Abellira