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doc61 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 6 (USA)
31 x 30 minute episodes

Doc Joe Bogert (Barnard Hughes) is a real family country town type doctor, practising from a surgery in the ground floor of his home in a modest New York City neighbourhood.

He’s the kind of general practitioner who gets involved with the lives of his patients the old-fashioned way, starting off treating them with concern and understanding and only getting to the pills and bills occasionally.

His loyal but sometimes caustic nurse/receptionist, Miss Tully (Mary Wickes), adds fun.

Away from his patients, Doc spends his time with longtime wife Annie (Elizabeth Wilson), married daughter Laurie (Judith Kahan), and fussy son-in-law Fred (John Harkins), and hanging out with his pal Happy (Irwin Corey), a confusing but amusing cab driver whose hypochondriac tendencies make him Doc’s perennial patient.


In the second season, Doc’s wife, daughter and son-in-law were lopped from the show by CBS and Joe (now a widower) was now the (only) resident physician at the Westside Community Clinic.

Most of the production staff, including writers and directors, were also replaced.

Nurse Tully remained, and new regulars included Lisa Mordente as Teresa Ortega, David Ogden Stiers as Stanley Moss, and Ray Vitte as Woody Henderson.

doc4Dr. Joe ‘Doc’ Bogert
Barnard Hughes
Annie Bogert
Elizabeth Wilson
Nurse Beatrice Tully
Mary Wickes
Fred Fenner
John Harkins
Laurie Bogert Fenner
Judith Kahan
Herbie Faye
‘Happy’ Miller
Irwin Corey
Teresa Ortega
Lisa Mordente
Stanley Moss
David Ogden Stiers
Woody Henderson
Ray Vitte