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Elizabeth R


1 9 7 1 (UK)
6 x 90 minute episodes

Further proof that the BBC rule supreme when it comes to the art of producing high quality historic period drama.

Elizabeth R was an almost direct sequel to the earlier BBC triumph, The Six Wives of Henry VIII. Seven months in the making, the six episode series aired in 1971 to almost instant universal acclaim.

Glenda Jackson was simply outstanding as the Virgin Queen – she played her from ages 15 to 70 –  and the quality of production was confirmed when the series won a well deserved five Emmy awards in the US, following a widely successful airing on PBS stations across America in 1973.

elizabeth_388Each day, Jackson and other actresses in the cast – including Daphne Slater as her half-sister Mary Tudor and Rachel Kempson as her governess – spent three hours being made up and climbing into some of the 380 elaborate costumes, costing £14,000.

Charting the life of the Tudor monarch from effervescent princesshood to grotesque balding death prior to handing over the throne to the Stuarts, the series was historically accurate to an almost pedantic degree.

Trouble was taken to make the settings authentic too. When Elizabeth entered the Tower of London through Traitors’ Gate, it was the real thing. The producer arranged for it to be raised for the first time in a hundred years.

Bearing all the hallmarks of BBC drama production at its very finest, Elizabeth R is regarded as a high water mark in quality television production.

Elizabeth I
Glenda Jackson
Mary Tudor

Daphne Slater
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

Robert Hardy
Earl of Essex

Robin Ellis
Duke of Alencon

Michael Williams
Sir Francis Drake

John Woodvine
Sir Walter Raleigh
Nicholas Selby
William Cecil
Ronald Hines
Thomas Cranmer
Bernard Hepton
Edward VI
Jason Kemp
Catherine Parr
Rosalie Crutchley
Mary, Queen of Scots
Vivian Pickles
Earl of Southampton
Peter Egan