TV Shows – 1970s

Wodehouse Playhouse

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 8 (UK) 13 X 35 minute episodes 7 x 30 minute episodes This anthology of P G Wodehouse comedies was adapted by David Clime from the original short stories. The collection of 1920s high society farces starred the husband and wife team of John Alderton and Pauline Collins(…)

Wollongong The Brave

1 9 7 5 (Australia) 4 x episodes So raise your head high To a burnt sienna sky Of Dapto, Port Kembla and nigh, You may say we pong But to us it’s Wollongong Wollongong the brave This four-part comedy from the prolific Grahame (Aunty Jack) Bond aired on the ABC in March, May and December(…)

Wombles, The

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 5 (UK) 60 x 5 minute episodes Underground, overground, wombling free . . . The furry, long-nosed Wombles of Wimbledon Common were England’s foremost ecologists in the 1970s, “making good use of the things that they find – things that the everyday folk leave behind”. The incredibly devious(…)

Wonder Woman

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 9 (USA) 1 x 120 minute episode 1 x 80 minute episode 13 x 60 minute episodes 45 x 45 minute episodes She’s Five foot nine and worth the climb! The most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth – and she even has her own uniform(…)


1 9 5 5 – 1 9 7 7 (USA) This American Sunday morning children’s variety show was originally hosted by the engaging Sandy Becker, who entertained his young viewers with games, puppetry, and skits, as well as interviews with guest performers. Becker’s co-host, Pat Meikle, would draw pictures and perform home-cooking lessons as well. The(…)


1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 8 (USA) 22 x 15 minute episodes Barry, CC and Susan were three teenagers who found an old dune buggy in a scrap yard (which they called ‘Schlepcar’). The kids buy the wreck and place what turns out to be a magical horn on the vehicle . ..(…)

Wonderful World Of Disney, The

1 9 5 4 – 1 9 8 3 (USA) 1 9 8 6 – 1 9 9 0 (USA) This pioneering example of cooperation between a film studio and a television network also happens to be the longest-running running show in the history of television. Not bad for a ‘kiddie programme’. Known over the years by(…)

Woody Woodpecker Show, The

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 7 7 (USA) With arguably the most famous laugh of any cartoon character in history, Woody Woodpecker pecked his way into our lives through a 1940 Andy Panda theatrical short entitled Knock Knock. Woody continued to appear in short films throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s, and in 1957, the Kellogg’s(…)

Working Stiffs

1 9 7 9 (USA) 4 x 30 minute episodes Short lived CBS sitcom about klutzy brothers Ernie (James Belushi) and Mike O’Rourke (Michael Keaton) who were sanitation and maintenance engineers (janitors) attempting to work their way up in a Chicago office building owned by their rich uncle Harry (Michael Conrad). They also spent a lot(…)

World About Us, The

1 9 6 7 – 1 9 8 6 (UK) This long-running British series featured the wonders of nature and assorted global explorations. Initially making use of amateur footage, but soon becoming fully professional in its contributions, The World About Us ran for nearly 20 years. This natural history series was commissioned by David Attenborough(…)

World At War, The

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (UK) 26 x 60 minute episodes, 5 x specials Produced by Jeremy Isaacs and narrated by Laurence Olivier, The World At War took four years to make, cost £1 million and deserved its success for its skilful use of archive news film with new interviews. The ‘stars’ of(…)

World Championship Wrestling

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 7 8 (Australia) The Australian Channel 9 show World Championship Wrestling featured unlikely looking (and oddly named) stars such as Killer Karl Kox, Mario Milano (the original Italian Stallion), Spiros Arion and Abdullah The Butcher. For thousands of families around Australia, no Sunday lunch was complete without tuning in to Gentleman(…)

World In Action

1 9 6 3 – 1 9 9 8 (UK) Granada TV’s hard-hitting current affairs series World in Action was first transmitted in 1963 and has set a consistently high standard in investigative journalism. The first edition, in January, highlighted the atomic arms race and showed Khrushchev and Kennedy in conflict. Later in the year, World in Action ran into trouble over an(…)

World of Cilla, The

World of Cilla, The

1 9 7 3 (UK)   Cilla Cilla Black Mother Avis Bunnage Father John McKelvey The Fiancé Sam Kelly

World of Sport

World of Sport

1 9 6 5 – 1 9 8 5 (UK) World of Sport was created in January 1965 as a Saturday afternoon rival to Grandstand. The show tried valiantly to compete with its BBC rival for 20 years before finally throwing in the towel. Although as an overall package it was never on terms with Grandstand (largely because the BBC(…)

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