All Clued Up

1 9 8 7 - 1 9 9 3 (UK)

All Clued Up was a Sunday tea-time classic, hosted by ''Diddy'' David Hamilton. It was a real favourite with ''elderly'' people for some reason - probably because it was so easy.

allcluedup_001The first series featured young, bored-looking couples, but the average age rose dramatically as the years wore on.

Be the first to get the word being gradually revealed ("W! K! A! N!"), and you get a crack at the phrase on the Big Screen, Wheel of Fortune-style. Just walk over really slowly and press a key on the giant keyboard (which had no actual keyboard properties).

Diddy: "Pig anodder ledder!".

And if you pigged a ledder with more than two occurrences you would solicit a WHOO! from the studio audience (and another WHOO! when you picked the Stinger).

And that was it, really.

There was a similar end game, to win £100 or something.

Only worth watching for the constant nasal whine of Diddy ("Two E''s, £40 in the Puzzle bank, your clues are "End", "Radio Career", and "Standing There Looking Like A Mannequin", Edith, solve the perzzle!"), and the audience's reaction when someone picked the stinger. And the nice computer graphics.

Chris Hughes