TV Shows – 1980s

A Kick Up The Eighties

1 9 8 1 - 1 9 8 2 (UK) 18 x 30 minute episodes This sketch show from BBC Scotland mined the same iconoclastic post-punk humour as Not The Nine O'Clock News and Who Dares Wins. It featured a host of up-and-coming talent, including Tracey Ullman and Robbie Coltrane, but  Rik Mayall's monologues as opinionated, brain-dead Brummie Kevin(...)

A Man Called Sloane

1 9 7 9 - 1 9 8 0 (USA) 12 x 60 minute episodes Thomas Remington Sloane III (Robert Conrad) was the top agent for UNIT, an American counter-intelligence team committed to destroying the international criminal organisation KARTEL. Suave, romantic and brilliant, Sloane travelled all over the world to thwart the plans of his sworn(...)

A New Kind of Family

1 9 7 9 - 1 9 8 0 (USA) 11 x 30 minute episodes Two single mothers - widow Kit Flanagan (Eileen Brennan) and divorcee Abby Stone (Gwynne Gilford) - rent the same Los Angeles house, sight unseen, from an unscrupulous real estate agent. Realising they have been duped, and with their money gone(...)

A Perfect Spy

1 9 8 7 (UK) 7 x 50 minute episodes In 1987 Peter Egan continued as the smoothie Paul Ryman of Ever Decreasing Circles on Sundays, but on Wednesdays on BBC2 he was aiding and abetting his lying bombastic father Rick and betraying his country as Magnus Pym, John Le Carré's A Perfect Spy. At times it seemed as(...)

A Question Of Sport

1 9 7 0 - Current (UK) Fresh from the studio soccer game Quiz Ball, David Vine first introduced A Question Of Sport at 6:20 pm on Monday 5 January 1970 with captains Henry Cooper (the boxer) and Cliff Morgan (from the world of Rugby Union). David Coleman later took over the host's chair, and subsequent captains have included Welsh(...)

A Sharp Intake Of Breath

1 9 7 7 - 1 9 8 1 (UK) 22 x 30 minute episodes Following his success as support to Ronnie Barker in the BBC's Open All Hours, and just before taking off as Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses, David Jason starred in this ITV sitcom as Peter Barnes, a hapless Mr Average character, forever trying to(...)

A Very British Coup

1 9 8 8 (UK) 3 x 60 minute episodes A Very British Coup followed the destabilising of an elected Left-Wing British government by shadowy forces from the Right. Alan Plater adapted it from the novel by former Tribune editor Chris Mullin, with Ray McAnally in BAFTA-winning form as working-class Labour PM, Harry Perkins. Harry Perkins Ray McAnally(...)

A Very Peculiar Practice

1 9 8 6 - 1 9 8 8 (UK) 15 x 60 minute episodes The saga of a medical practice run by four doctors - Young bashful Dr Stephen Daker (Peter Davison) who joins the health clinic of the fictitious Lowlands University, and his blackly funny colleagues -  Bob, a nasty Tory, Jock, an old(...)

A Woman Of Substance

1 9 8 5 (UK) 3 x 160 minute episodes Told in flashback and beginning in 1905, this Channel 4 drama (their most successful) was the rags-to-riches story of Emma Harte, a tough Yorkshire lass from the serving classes who made her way from kitchen maid up through society. Her ambitions took her out of the(...)

A-Team, The

1 9 8 3 - 1 9 8 7 (USA) 98 x 50 minute episodes "If you've got a problem and no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire . . . The A Team" A crack team of soldiers in Vietnam is caught robbing the Bank of Hanoi(...)

a.k.a. Pablo

1 9 8 4 (USA) 5 x 30 minute episodes Short-lived ABC comedy about a struggling young Hispanic comedian and his large, noisy family, who rooted for his success while wanting him to treat his Mexican-American heritage with almost solemn dignity. Paul Rivera - still called Pablo by his family - used a lot of ethnic(...)

Aaron’s Way

1 9 8 8 (USA) 13 x episodes Aaron Miller was a strict, bearded Amish father who uprooted his tight-knit family from Pennsylvania and moved to California when his eldest son, Noah, died there. Noah Miller had forsaken his Amish ways and when he perished in a surfing accident, he left behind a pregnant girlfriend (Susannah)(...)

ABC After School Specials

ABC After School Specials

1 9 7 2 - 1 9 9 5 (USA) Sixty minute specials, both dramatic and documentary, for young people, ABC After School Specials were broadcast on occasional weekday afternoons. After School Specials aired for more than 20 years providing a regular dose of drama to pre-teens and teens during the school year in the hours after school and(...)

ABC Rocks

1 9 8 4 - 1 9 8 5 (USA) One year after the debut of NBC's Friday Night Videos (network television's first attempt to respond to the popularity of cable television's MTV), this was ABC's entry into the fray with a half hour of music videos every Friday from midnight to 12.30am. Each weekly show consisted of(...)

About Face

1 9 8 9 - 1 9 9 1 (UK) 12 x 30 minute episodes This series of twelve unconnected sitcoms placed the spotlight on the many talents of Maureen Lipman, as she played twelve different and varied leading roles with different guest stars in each episode. During the run, Lipman played a South London telephonist,(...)

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