TV Shows – 1980s

Amazing Stories

1 9 8 5 - 1 9 8 7  (USA) 45 x 30 minute episodes This modern-day Twilight Zone was an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy dramas from NBC and Universal (and Steven Spielberg). The series attracted the cream of Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera; Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Robert(...)


1 9 8 6 - 1 9 9 1 (USA) 110 x 30 minute episodes Screened as part of NBC's Saturday evening offering for over five years, Amen was set in an African-American church, the First Community Church of Philadelphia, and revolved around the church's Deacon, Ernest Frye (played by Sherman Hemsley, who had previously appeared on All In(...)

American Bandstand

1 9 5 2 - 1 9 8 9 (USA) American Bandstand became a powerful symbol of American teenage culture with its nearly four-decade look at the ever-changing tastes of the country's youth. Featuring guest artists who lip-synced to their latest tunes, and a teenage audience whose members danced for the cameras, the show launched a conga(...)


1 9 7 5 - 1 9 8 3 (UK) 97 x 30 minute episodes 58 x 50 minute episodes Angels was the BBC's twice-weekly story of six student nurses at (the fictitious) St Angela's Hospital, Battersea - and later, the brand new Heath Green Hospital in Birmingham. St James' Hospital in Balham (demolished in 1992) was used(...)


1 9 7 9 - 1 9 8 0 (USA) 37 x 30 minute episodes When Brad Benson walked into the Liberty Coffee Shop, Angie thought he was poor and began sneaking him some pastries. It turned out that he was a paediatrician and a member of one of Philadelphia's richest families. In true Cinderella fashion,(...)

Animal Magic

1 9 6 2 - 1 9 8 4 (UK) 440 x 30 minute episodes Animal Magic first aired on 13 April 1962 and ran for 22 years with host Johnny Morris (pictured) mixing tips on animal care with information on wildlife and zoos, while providing the animals with quintessential English voices - the blustering retired colonel,(...)

Annie McGuire

1 9 8 8 (USA) 6 x 30 minute episodes Newlyweds Annie (Mary Tyler Moore) and Nick (Denis Arndt) McGuire both have kids from previous marriages and are each trying to balance their respective careers (hers in politics, his in engineering). The new couple must also deal with her idealist liberal activist mother (Eileen Heckart) and his(...)

Another World

1 9 6 4 - 1 9 9 9 (USA) One of several daytime serial dramas created by Irna Phillips for American television, Another World was the first soap opera to expand from a half-hour, five days a week, to a full hour five days a week. It was also the first serial drama to engender a spin-off(...)

Antiques Roadshow

1 9 7 9 - Current (UK) Few would have predicted that Antiques Roadshow would draw bigger audiences in some regions than Coronation Street - but it did. The BBCs Sunday teatime show in which silver-haired Arthur Negus was the main expert looking at ordinary people's treasures was a slow but steady hit, and Arthur became a favourite uncle until he(...)

Anything But Love

1 9 8 9 - 1 9 9 2 (USA) 56 x 30 minute episodes Hannah Miller (Jamie Lee Curtis) is flying home to Chicago after breaking up with her lover in Los Angeles when she meets Marty Gold (Richard Lewis), a senior writer at Chicago Monthly magazine. He arranges a job interview for Hannah there, she is(...)


1 9 8 5 (Australia) 5 x 100 minute episodes This 1985 miniseries followed the lives of a dozen volunteer Australian soldiers who served in the 8th battalion of the 1st Australian Imperial Force, part of the Australia & New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served during World War I.   The series moved from the 1915 battle(...)


1 9 8 0 (Australia) 38 x 30 minute episodes (Only 10 went to air) Arcade was Bill Harmon's swansong in Australian television. Harmon, who had worked in American TV in the 1950s, came to Australia in 1964 to work for NLT Productions and had been the driving force behind the highly successful Number 96, which he and(...)

Archie Bunker’s Place

1 9 7 9 - 1 9 8 3 (USA) 96 x 30 minute episodes 1 x 60 minute episode In this spin-off/continuation of All In The Family, Archie Bunker had mortgaged his house to buy a half-share in a neighbourhood bar (with his business partner, hard working Jew Murray Klein). If that wasn't a big enough(...)

Are You Being Served?

1 9 7 3 - 1 9 8 4 (UK) 69 x 30 minute episodes This was English seaside humour at its most traditional. Once nicknamed "Are You being Stereotyped?" the series was a cross between mucky postcards and music hall cheekiness, with some 1970s "poof" and "pussy" jokes thrown in a la Benny Hill for(...)


1 9 7 5 - Current (UK) This popular long-running arts programme from the BBC has encompassed documentary features on many subjects during its long run. Indeed, in its early days each edition was categorised by a subtitle - Arena: Theatre, Arena: Art and Design, Arena: Cinema, Arena: Television or Arena: Rock. The categories alternated weekly. Some contributions over the years have been(...)

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