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4 x 50 minute episodes

David Jason starred as priggish porter Skullion in the four-part Channel 4 serial Porterhouse Blue, Tom Sharpe’s super satire of Oxbridge life.

In the most fantastical and strangely beautiful scene of the series, troubled student Zipser (John Sessions) had to dispose of several thousand condoms. His solution was to fill each with gas from his fire and float them up the chimney.

From there the teated balloons floated and settled on the college lawn, forcing a horrified Skullion to rush around frantically trying to puncture them.

But the scene proved to be a series of headaches for producer Robert Knight. First, Durex had refused to supply the condoms because they disapproved of the frivolity of the project. Luckily Duet, a rival firm, saw the joke and sent ten thousand.


Then the dons at Cambridge – where they planned to film – objected. A suitably scholarly square was located in Peterborough.

Finally, the hoped-for still moonlight in which the ‘balloons’ – filled with a little water – would hang ‘like lost sperm in the air’ turned out a night of gale-force winds. What viewers didn’t see were about 20 people releasing 15 condoms each, while others sewed dozens into the lawns.

In the event, the wind made things funnier, David Jason won the BAFTA Best Actor award, and the night of the flying condoms lives in British television history.

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