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Yellow Rose, The

yellowrose11 9 8 3 – 1 9 8 4 (USA)
22 x 60 minute episodes

The Yellow Rose was a sprawling saga of life, love and the pursuit of intrigue on a modern West Texas ranch.

The NBC series revolved around the efforts of the Champion family to keep their place going despite high costs, treacherous hired hands, mountain lions attacking their stallions, rabies, drug smugglers, oil rustlers – and worst of all, the efforts of their powerful enemy, Jeb Hollister (Chuck Connors), to wrest control of their 200,000-plus acres.

“That land was my birthright,” he claimed. Many years ago, in fact, it had been his – until he lost it in a bet.

Colleen Champion
Cybill Shepherd
Roy Champion
David Soul
Quisto Champion
Edward Albert
Luther Dillard
Noah Beery Jr.
Hoyt Coryell
Ken Curtis
Chance McKenzie
Sam Elliott
Grace McKenzie
Susan Anspach
Whit Champion
Tom Schanley
Jeb Hollister
Chuck Connors
L.C. Champion
Michelle Bennett
Sheriff Lew Wallace
L.Q. Jones
Lenny Hollister
Steve Sandor